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August 02, 1971 | Volume 35, Issue 5

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Willie Stargell Cover - Sports Illustrated August 02, 1971

August 02, 1971 | Tex Maule
There were times when Muhammad Ali appeared to be sparring with his old partner, pacing himself over 12 rounds, relearning his skills. Then, at the very end, he swiftly destroyed Jimmy Ellis

August 02, 1971 | Roy Blount

August 02, 1971 | Robert Cantwell
Bobby Fischer has pitched 19 no-hitters in a row—at least that's one way to look at his 19-game streak in championship chess, including six straight over Bent Larsen in Denver

August 02, 1971 | Curry Kirkpatrick
By winning a $50,000 laugher at Westchester, a rested and relentless Palmer proves he's never been far away. And Trevino, tired and testy, proves that even he has to go fishing once in a while

August 02, 1971 | Bill Bowerman
Few men have studied their sport as diligently as Bill Bowerman. After two decades of scrutinizing runners and films of runners, of conducting innumerable tests and experiments, the University of...

August 02, 1971
Jim Plunkett and J. D. Hill get their first look at pro defenses when the College All-Stars meet the Colts Friday night. Peter Carry reports from Soldier field in Chicago.

August 02, 1971 | George Blanda

August 02, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
Most of us amateur photographers, Instamatic class, spend a good part of our early snapshot-taking careers learning that movement and film don't mix. Hold the camera steady, we are admonished....

August 02, 1971
Pedaling his way into our hearts this week is tannery executive Norman Lezin of Santa Cruz, Calif. who donated $10 toward the purchase of a bicycle to any employee who would cycle to work and...

August 02, 1971 | Peter Carry
Aaaaugh! A slider to the sacroiliac. Oooph! A fastball to the fibula. Yeeoow! A knuckler to the kneecap. All those hard baseballs plunking into various parts of Expo Ron Hunt's anatomy surely do...

August 02, 1971

August 02, 1971 | Herman Weiskopf
Dotty's got all she needs to beat the men, except their permission

August 02, 1971 | Charles Goren
Chess and bridge are so demanding that no one could possibly find time for the intensive study required for grand-master status in both games. For example, Bobby Fischer (page 18) never plays...

August 02, 1971 | Robert F Jones

August 02, 1971
AUTO RACING—ANDREA DE ADAMICH of Italy and RONNIE PETERSON of Sweden drove their Alfa Romeo prototype to victory in the Watkins Glen Six Hours of Endurance, the first half of an upstate New York...

August 02, 1971
4—Milton Oleaga20, 21—John Iacono30, 31—bottom, Russ Reed-Oakland Tribune41—AP44—AP59—Chet Claussen, Mark Shearman

August 02, 1971
Chester Masterson Jr., of Vicksburg, Miss., won the 10-year-old championship in the Official Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit and Throw Competition at the All-Star Game in Detroit. His point total...

August 02, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

August 02, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Tex Schramm, Dallas Cowboy president, after Duane Thomas, talkative holdout, called him "sick and demented" and "dishonest": "That's not bad. He got two out of three."

August 02, 1971
THE PLAY'S THE THINGSirs:Congratulations to Bob Ottum on his dazzling drama Boog! (July 19). Articles such as this are good for baseball. Boog! satirically humanizes the lives of baseball players,...

August 02, 1971 | Norman Harris
During a series of brilliant races Gunder Hägg and Arne Andersson brought the four-minute barrier within range