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October 11, 1971 | Volume 35, Issue 15

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Joe Greene Cover - Sports Illustrated October 11, 1971

October 11, 1971
5—John D. Hanlon26—Walter Iooss Jr., Neil Leifer63—John R. Hom ton-G obe Photos, AP64—Tony Tomsic73, 76—John Iacono81—AP105—U.S. Air Force Photo, Donald Dondero

October 11, 1971
Julie Gumlia, 14, of Crookston, Minn., became the youngest golfer ever to win the state women's match-play championship when she beat Barbara Kuhlman of Alexandria 1 up at the North Oaks Golf Club...

October 11, 1971
BASEBALL—National League: The Western Division race staggered down to the final day of the season, with SAN FRANCISCO beating San Diego 5-1 on Juan Marichal's five-hitter to finish one game ahead...

October 11, 1971
BROWN'S BENGALSSirs:I appreciated your story on the Cincinnati Bengals and Paul Brown (No One's Holding These Tigers, Sept. 27). This may not be a Super Bowl year for the Bengals but, certainly,...

October 11, 1971 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

October 11, 1971 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•John McKay, Southern California football coach: "The college game isn't sick. Our season ticket sales will be near the 50,000 mark. Big as pro football has become, the pros still refuse to...

October 11, 1971 | Pat Putnam

October 11, 1971 | Ron Fimrite
It was to be a Grand Confrontation, the grandest, surely, of a baseball season significantly deficient in moments of high passion. A meeting that would stir the juices, and about time.

October 11, 1971 | Tex Maule

October 11, 1971
The World Series begins, and the question is who can beat that American League pitching? Ron Fimrite describes the opening skirmishes between baseball's champions.

October 11, 1971 | Melvin Maddocks
Long before sunrise, youngsters can be found skating hard after a puck, as hockey becomes a year-round obsession with fathers and sons across the country

October 11, 1971 | Jim Harrison

October 11, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
One thing you learn quickly in the magazine business is that there are lots of people trying to make a living at writing. Our mail brings us nearly 5,000 unsolicited manuscripts a year from...

October 11, 1971
Now is a good time to call everybody's attention to some scarcely random notes that arrived this week. In the first place, Actress Nina Foch, whose mother back in The Netherlands was a...

October 11, 1971 | Joe Jares
The Toledo Rockets have the nation's longest winning streak, 27 games, and their quarterback has a personal one that is even longer, 57. But last week Ohio University came close to putting an end...

October 11, 1971 | Harold Peterson

October 11, 1971 | Harold Peterson
THE LINEMAN: New Mexico Linebacker Herm Fredenberg, a 217-pound senior from Window Rock, Ariz. who, in addition to 16 tackles, contributed two big interceptions and keystoned a goal-line stand in...

October 11, 1971 | Robert F. Jones
At trackside the U.S. Grand Prix resembled Woodstock; on the pavement it was a spectacular first victory for a young Frenchman

October 11, 1971 | Whitney Tower
American-bred horses romped home first and second in France's celebrated Arc de Triomphe, proving this year, at least, the U.S. is tops

October 11, 1971 | William Leggett
Last weekend the second baseball season began. It is the one that is played in bars and hotel lobbies and all those secluded corners where baseball people gather during the long and sometimes...

October 11, 1971 | Pat Jordan

October 11, 1971 | Robert H. Boyle
Some years ago a book editor used to play an amusing and often acid verbal game of equating publishing houses with colleges. It went something like this: Harper's was Harvard, Doubleday Ohio...

October 11, 1971 | Jim Kaplan