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October 25, 1971 | Volume 35, Issue 17

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Dave Debusschere Cover - Sports Illustrated October 25, 1971

October 25, 1971
BASEBALL—PITTSBURGH won the World Series, defeating Baltimore four games to three (page 18).

October 25, 1971
18, 19—Walter Iooss Jr.20—Herb Scharfman, Tony Triolo21—James Drake, Walter Iooss Jr.22, 23—James Drake (2), Walter Iooss Jr. (3)24—Lane Stewart58—UPI60—Heinz Kluetmeier71—John Iacono85—Rick de...

October 25, 1971
Casper Ningen, a senior at Chadron (Neb.) High School, kicked a national prep record field goal of 54 yards in the Cardinals' 47-20 victory over Douglas, S. Dak. Ningen, a two-year letterman who...

October 25, 1971
HUMAN RELATIONSSirs:Congratulations are in order to Pat Jordan for his fine article. The Man Who Was Cut Out for the Job (Oct. 11). As a native Tarheeler, I found special meaning in the...

October 25, 1971 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

October 25, 1971 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Jim Helms, Texas assistant coach, on Arkansas Quarterback Joe Ferguson: "With him in there, third and long to Arkansas is like first and 10 to everyone else."

October 25, 1971 | William Leggett

October 25, 1971 | Pat Putnam
A year ago Penn State was fast developing a loser's look, so Joe Paterno started to tinker, shifting a safety to quarterback, a quarterback to tight end and shazzam! he has another winner

October 25, 1971 | Robert F. Jones

October 25, 1971
Three times in the first period of a midseason game at Los Angeles last year, Jerry West dribbled quickly to his favorite spot to the right of the key, delivered that special, hard bounce of the...

October 25, 1971 | Peter Carry
What if General Robert E. Lee, after all those terrible months in the trenches at Richmond, had gone off to surrender at Appomattox only to find that his troops would not quit fighting? Well,...

October 25, 1971
Philadelphia's old folks figure they'll finish out front, but the New York Knicks—who know all about the Spirit of '76—should seize it again

October 25, 1971
Can the mature new Maravich lead his Hawks through the battlefields ahead? The only team to stop him, sore knees and all, is Baltimore

October 25, 1971
Put the Bucks down for the playoffs—and the title—and then turn to the division's more pertinent question: Who will come in second?

October 25, 1971
The Lakers are sinking and the Warriors are now Golden—maybe—but look for Spencer Haywood to make the Sonics truly Super in Seattle

October 25, 1971
Virginia will be tough, but Gilmore and his hungry Colonels will consume the division like a few chunks of Kentucky fried chicken

October 25, 1971
Basketball's closest battle is taking shape again. Last year it was Utah and Indiana; this year the Pacers might pull a reverse

October 25, 1971 | Frank Deford
Surely the strange little man named Dick Motta—who never stops chasing those demons that the rest of us learn to accept—is a singular identity. It is not just that old business about throwing away...

October 25, 1971
A stampede of startling backs is making the season miserable for college football defenses. Dan Jenkins describes the best and tells which ones are likely to become top pros.

October 25, 1971
Burlesque queen Tempest Storm is apparently as good at putting people on as she is at taking things off. During an appearance in Orlando, Fla. she was asked to predict the outcome of the...

October 25, 1971 | Roy Blount Jr.
At least not the battered collection of losers the Wolverines have met so far, teams that barely manage to score, much less score upsets

October 25, 1971 | Larry Keith

October 25, 1971 | Larry Keith
THE LINEMAN: Defensive End Walt Patulski led the Notre Dame defense that extended its unscored-on string to 14 quarters. The 6'6", 260-pound senior made 11 tackles, two of them inside the live,...

October 25, 1971 | John Underwood

October 25, 1971 | Alice Higgins
While the pennants were flying in Baltimore and Pittsburgh, the flags of 16 nations fluttered at San Antonio, where 12 three-man teams and four individual representatives were competing in the...

October 25, 1971 | Gwilym S. Brown
The championship of the club pros was fought out last week, and—well, you all know Sam

October 25, 1971 | Hugh D. Whall
By taking sailboats out of traditional show setting—a crowded hall—and putting them afloat, Annapolis has launched a happy trend

October 25, 1971 | Joe Jares
And to hard-luck rollers like Dave Davis go things like four-seven-10 splits, giving Mike Limongello the richest PBA Championship ever

October 25, 1971 | Edwin Shrake
By nine o'clock on Saturday night the London Chop House in Detroit already had enough people in it to start another suburb, and dozens more were waiting at the red velvet rope and lined up along...

October 25, 1971 | Gilbert Rogin
Larry Merchant has written a very funny book about pro football called...And Every Day You Take Another Bite (Doubleday, $6.95). A sport whose fans have to put up with Howard Cosell on every given...

October 25, 1971 | Peter Andrews
His name was Phar Lap, meaning lightning strike in Javanese, and for almost 40 years now his body—mounted and preserved under glass in Melbourne—has been maintained as one of Australia's national...