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September 25, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 13

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Carlton Fisk Cover - Sports Illustrated September 25, 1972

September 25, 1972 | Joe Marshall

September 25, 1972
5—Susan B. Francis22—Walter Iooss Jr.24, 25—UPI (4), Hedrick Smith-New York Times, Gamma, Yomiuri Shimbun, Arnold Newman-New York Times, TEAM, John Lopinot, courtesy Boston Museum of Fine Arts,...

September 25, 1972
Steve Sandusky, 12, son of former Baltimore Colt Lineman Alex Sandusky, won the under-12 trophy at the Chesapeake Bay fishing fair in Stevensville, Md. with his catch, a 30-pound, 10-ounce...

September 25, 1972
ARCHERY—Olympic gold medalist JOHN WILLIAMS of Cranesville, Pa. won the world championship in Udine, Italy by scoring 1,086 points out of a possible 1,120. Dennis McConnak of Columbus, Kans....

September 25, 1972
RUSSIA VS. CANADASirs:My congratulations on your coverage of the Soviet Union's fantastic hockey team (Red Faces in Canada, Sept. 11). These men are to be admired for their skills. I saw that...

September 25, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

September 25, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Jim Hickman, Chicago Cub first baseman, asked what he was thinking as he circled the bases after hitting an 11 thinning, game-winning home run against the Dodgers: "As usual—nothing."

September 25, 1972 | William Leggett

September 25, 1972 | Hugh D. Whall
First came the Russian icemen, and now the U.S. sailors. At least there was suspense as they seized the Canada's Cup

September 25, 1972 | Roy Blount Jr.
Penn State, seeking revenge, spent a weary evening trying to snare Tennessee's Condredge Holloway

September 25, 1972 | William F. Buckley Jr.

September 25, 1972
Heir apparent to the throne vacated by Nebraska is Oklahoma, loser in last year's memorable Game of the Decade. It is none too soon for a check on this year's Sooners.

September 25, 1972
Balloonists have the best of both worlds: they combine sport with the gentle art of escape, untying themselves from the busy Earth below and drifting up and away. Sailing across the quiet skies,...

September 25, 1972 | William Johnson
A dog barks down below and a redheaded woodpecker is tapping on a tree. Butterflies are adrift against the lavender blossoms of a vast alfalfa field, and a Baltimore oriole flashes orange upon the...

September 25, 1972 | Robert H. Boyle

September 25, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
Just a few minutes before this picture was taken I had somewhat ceremoniously presented the keys of my office to Jack Meyers, formally welcomed him on his first day of work as SI's new Publisher...

September 25, 1972
Frank Shorter, the first American marathoner to win a gold medal in 64 years, has seen more serious problems than anything he met at Munich—like nearly getting murdered every time he ran. That, it...

September 25, 1972 | Barry McDermott
The passing of Florida State's Gary Huff is hot enough to have the pro scouts breathing fire

September 25, 1972 | Joe Jares

September 25, 1972 | Joe Jares
THE LINEMAN: Ohio State Tackle George Hasenohrl, who made eight unassisted tackles against Iowa (three for losses) and four assists. The Buckeye defensive captain helped cause two interceptions...

September 25, 1972 | Dan Levin
The pitchers were as gods. They played a two-man, 100-mph game, pitcher-catcher, the swift and the brave. A batter stood by, but at times it was just a formality. A swing was an act of...

September 25, 1972 | Ron Reid
Jan Stenerud had a nightmare to erase and perhaps he succeeded, but his team got booted again

September 25, 1972 | Stanley Shivas
A member of the expedition now within sight of the unconquered face of Everest talks of the terror that looms in the upcoming weeks

September 25, 1972 | José Ortega Y Gasset

September 25, 1972 | Umberto Tosi
Back in the late 1940s a body-and-fender man named George Bands began making himself into a folk hero for the Southern California teen car culture by chopping and channeling Detroit iron into...

September 25, 1972 | Norman B. Wiltsey
It was a vintage year for thoroughbred racing in America, and it took only two horses and one race to make it that way. In Seabiscuit and War Admiral the turf world in 1938 had two of the finest...