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October 16, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 16

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Wilt Chamberlain Cover - Sports Illustrated October 16, 1972

October 16, 1972 | Virginia Kraft
With the accuracy of lunar rockets, a team of astronauts won the 29th One-Shot Antelope Hunt on the game-rich plains of Lander, Wyo.

October 16, 1972 | Whitney Tower
Angel Penna was coolly received by the French when he moved to Paris to train; now he has won, if not their hearts, their biggest turf prize

October 16, 1972 | John A. Meyers
"How many in your party, sir?" the clerk at New York's John F. Kennedy airport asked, staggering beneath the weight of Editor Peter Carry's wad of tickets. "One," Carry told him, which is to say...

October 16, 1972 | Curry Kirkpatrick

October 16, 1972
BASEBALL—OAKLAND, behind the three-hit pitching of John (Blue Moon) Odom, took a 2-0 lead in the American League playoffs by defeating Detroit 5-0. In the first game the A's came from behind in...

October 16, 1972
11—Jack Smith28—Tony Triolo (2), Sheedy & Long29—Tony Triolo30, 31—Herb Scharfman (4), Heinz Kluetmeier, John D. Hanlon32, 33—Eric Schweikardt34—Sheedy & Long46-48—Lane Stewart80—John D....

October 16, 1972
Rod Elkins, 11, of Greensboro, N.C, the city's outstanding Pee Wee football player and junior-division basketball player of the year, was also named all-city in baseball and won the foul-shooting...

October 16, 1972
Rx FOR TROUBLESirs:Hooray for men like Tom Meschery ('There is A Disease in Sports Now...Oct. 2)! No one can dispute his qualifications in describing professional sports as being diseased. He's...

October 16, 1972 | Michael Olmert
The great thing about the Bears' Dick Butkus is that he plays football so well. What he doesn't do so well is talk into his tape recorder for a solid week about a full house of issues, many of...

October 16, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

October 16, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Toni Fritsch, Austrian-born Dallas Cowboy placekicker: "How much English I have means very small. What means much is that the Cowboys need three points. All I have to know is that I get three...

October 16, 1972 | Ron Fimrite
There was no disguising the gusto with which baseball's pennant contenders threw themselves—plus a wild bat and a rhubarb or two—into the playoffs

October 16, 1972 | Robert F. Jones
Outgoing champion Stewart raced through sun, fog and wind to lead incoming champ Fittipaldi to the pot of gold at the end of the Grand Prix

October 16, 1972 | Roy Blount Jr.
For two years mighty USC fell under the spell of more glamorous Stanford, but last week its army of athletes rebelled

October 16, 1972 | Richard W. Johnston

October 16, 1972 | Ron Reid

October 16, 1972
The best of both worlds, baseball and tennis, is coming up. Ron Fimrite reports on the Series at home and Curry Kirkpatrick will be our man in Bucharest for the Davis Cup.

October 16, 1972
This was the Los Angeles Lakers: a team or many coaches, multistars, manic hopes—and no titles. They were pro basketball's perpetual heirs apparent. They were clearly over the hill when last...

October 16, 1972
In the National Basketball Association's 26 seasons rarely has a division brought together as many strong teams as the Pacific will this year. To appreciate just how tough things are on the West...

October 16, 1972
Even though the Milwaukee Bucks did not win the NBA title last season, this was a pleasant summer for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Shortly after the loss to the Lakers in the playoffs, he became the...

October 16, 1972
At least things are moving in the right direction: the Central Division used to be known as the Land of the Invisible Teams. In its first two seasons, only Baltimore won more games than it lost....

October 16, 1972
The division championship hinges more on the condition of Willis Reed's left knee than on the talent of all the other teams. Boston has plenty of talent. So does Buffalo. Philadelphia has a...

October 16, 1972
Last season was an ironic one for the Indiana Pacers. They had a center weakened by illness. There was dissension. They had rookies who played too often to suit the veterans. There were tall...

October 16, 1972
"I was so sure we would win the championship last year," admits one member of the Kentucky Colonels' front office, "that I had my ring size checked." His attitude was understandable: with a 68-16...

October 16, 1972 | Peter Carry

October 16, 1972
Austin (Texas) College football Coach Duane Nutt, a deeply religious man, recently urged his players to "go to the Bible in time of need and you'll find something that will help." When Receiver...

October 16, 1972 | Barry McDermott
It's an immovable feast in New Orleans now that the Foley brothers—Steve, Mike and Rob—and most everybody else in their vast clan are leading that old ripple, the Green Wave, to its finest splash...

October 16, 1972 | Gwilym S. Brown

October 16, 1972 | Gwilym S. Brown
THE BACK: Arkansas' rifle-armed Quarterback Joe Ferguson, who completed 20 of 32 passes for 304 yards and four second-half touchdowns to lead the Razorbacks to a come-from-behind victory over...