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November 27, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 22

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Walter Luckett Cover - Sports Illustrated November 27, 1972

November 27, 1972
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: "It just doesn't happen," said Walt Frazier of New York. "If you have 10 men on the court you can't hold the Bucks scoreless for that long a time." But the Knicks, using only...

November 27, 1972
John Wilcox, 25, a member of the Tri-State team in the Williamsport, Pa. Parade of Stars League, rolled games of 287, 298 and 300 for an 885 series, one pin off the world record set by Allie Brant...

November 27, 1972
32, 33—Tony Triolo (2), Sheedy & Long34, 35—Sheedy & Long36—Eric Schweikardt, John Iacono, Lane Stewart (2)43—Carl Iwasaki, John Iacono, Heinz Kluetmeier44—Heinz Kluetmeier, Bruce...

November 27, 1972
BACKS IN MOTIONSirs:Tex Maule wrote a great article on a long-ignored subject, the running back (Swarm to Daylight, Nov. 13). But we all have our different views on rushing and the people who...

November 27, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

November 27, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Lyle Brown, University of Rochester basketball coach: "On my 12-man squad I've got four math majors and five psychology majors, which sometimes makes it tough to get a lot done in practice. If I...

November 27, 1972 | Tex Maule

November 27, 1972
The biggest mystery in professional football is whether any team in the NFC West can possibly win the division. Ron Reid reports on the case of the reluctant contenders.

November 27, 1972 | Peter Carry
Five years ago, with Nate Thurmond and Rick Barry, the Warriors appeared to be the team of the future. Now that they are back together again, Golden State might be the team of the present

November 27, 1972 | Dan Jenkins
As crosstown rival UCLA found out last week, anyone taking on the No. 1 Trojans had better be prepared for stormy weather

November 27, 1972 | Curry Kirkpatrick

November 27, 1972
They're an odd lot, these coaches who will handle so much of the new talent in basketball. Outwardly similar—most seem cut from the same mod cloth of loud slacks, bright blazers and wide...

November 27, 1972

November 27, 1972

November 27, 1972
Nacogdoches, as Nacogdochians do not mind telling people, was the first town in Texas to drill an oil well. It is also, they will allow, the home of the No. 1 small-college team in drilling...

November 27, 1972
It is a place of monuments, parks and bridges that recall dusty history. There on the Wabash River two centuries ago pioneer America opened the way to the Northwest Territory. There young Abraham...

November 27, 1972 | Joe Jares

November 27, 1972 | Herman Weiskopf
Once a power in the Big Ten before it gave up the game in 1940, the Maroon is back, this time substituting blocks and tackles for laughs

November 27, 1972 | Larry Keith
Chicago was not invited to a bowl last week, but other teams were. Here is the lineup: Rose: USC vs. Michigan or Ohio State. Orange: Nebraska vs. Notre Dame. Cotton: Alabama vs. Texas. Sugar:...

November 27, 1972 | Larry Keith
THE BACK: South Carolina Defensive Back Neville Files was Gary Huff's chief nemesis in the Gamecocks' 24-21 upset victory over Florida State. Files intercepted three passes, recovered a fumble and...

November 27, 1972 | Whitney Tower
The winner of the '72 Derby bouquet probably has lost the year's top honor, making his trainer prickly; he talks of bypassing the '73 race

November 27, 1972 | Mark Kram
Last June, Roberto Duran was dazzling as he demolished Ken Buchanan. Last week his loss to Esteban DeJesus revived an old boxing riddle

November 27, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy
Freed by the courts, Bobby Hull, the WHA's $3 million keystone, is drawing crowds on and off ice

November 27, 1972 | Don DeLillo