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December 11, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 24

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Campy Russell Cover - Sports Illustrated December 11, 1972

December 11, 1972 | Bil Gilbert

December 11, 1972
BASEBALL—For the fourth straight year, CUBA won the World Amateur championship by winning 14 of 15 games. The U.S. (13-2) was second in the tournament at Managua, Nicaragua.

December 11, 1972
30, 31—Neil Leifer32, 33—Melchior DiGiacomo, Sheedy & Long, Neil Leifer34—Dick Raphael35—Tony Triolo36—Heinz Kluetmeier38, 39—Sheedy & Long74—Wil Blanche83—Wayne Wilson for...

December 11, 1972
Maria Bozzuto, a senior at MIT, has skippered the women's sailing team to six regatta championships. In all six she has been the top-ranking sailor or low-point skipper and is the school's top...

December 11, 1972
Sirs:I enjoyed Jerry Kirshenbaum's article on the Denver Olympics (, Nov. 20), but I must disagree with his conclusion, wherein he states, "It was not a vote against the Olympics, per se.... It...

December 11, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

December 11, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Josh Ashton, New England Patriot running back, on the ferocity of play in a game with the Colts: "One guy took my helmet and yanked it clear across my face. It wasn't accidental. It was Mike Curtis."

December 11, 1972
Win or lose against the Redskins this week, the Dallas Cowboys seem on their way to the playoffs again. Tex Maule speculates on how far the defending champs will go.

December 11, 1972 | Curry Kirkpatrick

December 11, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy
Belatedly recovered from a third knee operation, hockey's most commanding player scores seven goals in eight games to lift bedraggled Boston into strong contention. Bobby tells how it is in Orrland

December 11, 1972 | Ron Reid
Behind the running of Franco Harris, a multicultural rookie back, Pittsburgh takes over first place in the AFC Central Division

December 11, 1972 | Joe Jares

December 11, 1972 | John A. Meyers
It is not all that surprising to discover that one free-lance writer knows another, however disparate their geographical locations or life-styles; just as dog breeders or mountain climbers or wine...

December 11, 1972 | J. D. Reed

December 11, 1972 | J. D. Reed
Eddie Bauer 1737 Airport Way South P.O. Box 3700 Seattle, Washington 98124

December 11, 1972
Pro basketball is a moving experience. To get free for a shot, to get a step on a defender, to draw a foul, you've often got to make the opponent think you're going one way when you fully intend...

December 11, 1972 | Peter Garry
Last March, at the conclusion of his old school's disappointing basketball season, Julius Erving () returned to the University of Massachusetts. He had left there the previous spring, at the end...

December 11, 1972 | Barry McDermott
Adolph Rupp was gone (finally), but the Wildcats kept on winning

December 11, 1972 | Harold Peterson

December 11, 1972 | Sarah Pileggi
In his first full year on the tour, Lanny Wadkins backed his own cocky talk by winning one tournament and earning $116,616, a rookie record

December 11, 1972 | Alice Higgins
There they were last week, bright exotic birds in a cluster. The pink, purple, green, blue and yellow plumage was not unusual for Las Vegas, but these girls, 21 of them, were not opening in a new...

December 11, 1972 | Joe Marshall
He led an undefeated team through high school and an undefeated team through college, but no NFL team would even give this black quarterback a chance. So he went to Canada and won a Grey Cup for...

December 11, 1972 | William Hjortsberg
When I first moved to Montana and saw the Chamber of Commerce billboards outside Livingston boasting of Calamity Jane's home and "365 days of fine trout fishing," I was dubious. For one thing, I...

December 11, 1972 | Roy Blount Jr.
Well, it looks like One is One and ever more shall be—at least until New Year's Day—thanks to Davis and Newton and Langner.