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December 18, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 25

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Lee Roy Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated December 18, 1972

December 18, 1972
BOXING—Unbeaten heavyweight RON LYLE stopped Larry Middleton at 2:41 in the third round of their bout in Denver for his 19th win and 17th knockout.

December 18, 1972
24, 25—James Drake26—Eric Schweikardt, Carl Iwasaki56—left, AP58—John Iacono67—John D. Hanlon71—Wayne Wilson for Leviton-Atlanta102—Idaho County Free Press, Colorado Springs Gazette & Telegraph

December 18, 1972
A. B. B. (Joan) Harrison, a 72-year-old golfer from Clearwater, Fla., shot her age on the par-70 Hound Ears Lodge and Club near Blowing Rock, N.C. Mrs. Harrison has twice won the women's title of...

December 18, 1972
Sirs:Thank you for the amusing and ironically respectful look at the Land of the Last—Philadelphia ( Dec. 4). Being a lifelong fan of Philadelphia sports, I can identify with much of the article.

December 18, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

December 18, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Mike Riordan of the Baltimore Bullets asked if second-year star Phil Chenier could be compared to the flamboyant Earl (The Pearl) Monroe: "No, he's more unnoticeable than Earl."

December 18, 1972 | Tex Maule

December 18, 1972 | Peter Carry
The Kings dropped four games last week but Nate (Tiny) Archibald held on to the NBA lead in scoring as well as in assists

December 18, 1972 | William Johnson

December 18, 1972
The Sportsman of the Year question is answered in an issue that also covers pro football's denouement in the NFC West. Dan Jenkins reviews the college bowl games and wonders whether all those big...

December 18, 1972 | Hal Higdon

December 18, 1972 | John A. Meyers
If the Detroit Lions had permitted themselves a sentimental lapse 16 months ago, their most literate alumnus and our old friend George Plimpton might never have had the chance to investigate this...

December 18, 1972
Each winter can seem like an Ice Age across the northlands unless one determines, as the snow-belters have, that it is better to love it than leave it. In St. Paul and Quebec, and in dozens of...

December 18, 1972 | Bob Ottum
What are all those crazies doing outdoors on days like this? Here it is zero to 20 below, the tips of their noses are turning white, and they're out there cavorting. Well, there is an explanation....

December 18, 1972
When Northeastern Oklahoma A&M elevated its fourth-string quarterback to a starting role against Baptist Bible College of Springfield, Mo., it may not have been big news outside of Miami,...

December 18, 1972 | Barry McDermott
Remember when most college coaches had a team barber and the players weren't petitioning to make the athletic dorms coeducational? Remember when cheerleaders could be counted on for sis-boom-bah...

December 18, 1972 | Herman Weiskopf

December 18, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy
Deflections, rebounds and other close-in pickings are the repertoire of the WHA's surprise scoring ace, Ron Ward—up from NHL oblivion

December 18, 1972 | Hugh D. Whall
I push the first valve down, the music goes 'round and a-round...and it comes out here." Say water instead of music and you have a fair description of what happens in a fascinating new kind of...

December 18, 1972 | William Johnson
A neophyte orients himself to a stimulating pastime in the wilds

December 18, 1972 | Charles Goren
Though the recent Trials to select an American team for the 1973 world championship were "buried" in Lancaster, Pa., I somehow feel that Ely Culbertson, that extravagant, authoritarian—and...

December 18, 1972 | George Plimpton

December 18, 1972 | Robert H. Boyle
A year and a half ago Sam Melner decided to beat the commuter rat race to New York City. The president of Liveright, a publishing house, he quit to start a new venture from the basement of his...

December 18, 1972 | Joe Falls
High on former Goalie Ken McAuley's 1944 list of low points you will find a certain Red Wing-Ranger hockey game