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January 08, 1973 | Volume 38, Issue 1

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Mercury Morris Cover - Sports Illustrated January 08, 1973

January 08, 1973 | Ron Reid

January 08, 1973 | Tex Maule
After Washington defeated Green Bay on Christmas Eve to gain the finals of the National Football Conference championship, Coach George Allen declared, "We played a perfect game." Allen is not the...

January 08, 1973 | Dan Jenkins
Nebraska looked awesome, Oklahoma won in spite of itself and Texas was heroic, but the national title belongs to the undefeated USC Trojans, who overpowered Ohio State in the Rose Bowl

January 08, 1973 | Roy Blount Jr.
Hey," the cry would go up across the land at almost any hour of the afternoon or night during the last two weeks of December, "let's turn on the TV. Maybe we can catch another postseason classic."

January 08, 1973 | Curry Kirkpatrick

January 08, 1973
Guards are the little big news in college basketball, from Olympian Doug Collins to a relative unknown at Arkansas. Curry Kirkpatrick turns in a roundup of the very best.

January 08, 1973 | Donald Stewart
Never sure which test might prove to be his last Enzo prove to be his last, Enzo Maiorca, a diving wonder at 41, fills his lungs once more and risks a record descent

January 08, 1973
"I am a sportif," says Artist Armand Pierre Arman—a onetime teacher of judo, a Ping-Pong enthusiast and, he claims, the world's first garbologist. Arman is a self-confessed student of garbage,...

January 08, 1973
Washington Redskin Quarterback Sonny Jurgensen is going back to school—a school for drinking drivers. That's the only penalty assigned to him after he was arrested on charges of intoxicated...

January 08, 1973 | Don Delliquanti
Eddie Palubinskas has a complaint: practically nobody around Baton Rouge, where he plays basketball for Louisiana State, knows very much about Australia. Oh, you thought he was from Chicago and it...

January 08, 1973 | Herman Weiskopf

January 08, 1973 | Peter Carry
But the flesh is weak. In 1967 Philadelphia won the NBA title. This year, because of bad drafts, bad trades and bad management, a bunch of has-beens, never-wases and won't-bes may set a league...

January 08, 1973 | Joe Jares
Since we borrowed the game from a bunch of other countries, it was fitting that the NCAA soccer championship last week was a Mixmaster of nationalities. Cornell's leading scorer was from Ecuador,...

January 08, 1973 | Mark Mulvoy
Montreal's Jacques Lemaire, heretofore a 30-goal man, has suddenly begun scoring at a rate that may bring him twice that this season

January 08, 1973 | John Hersey

January 08, 1973
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Philadelphia continued its search for a fourth victory (page 44) and Detroit also was having troubles. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar froze the Pistons by scoring 44 points and pulling...

January 08, 1973
15-19—John Iacono, Walter Iooss Jr., Fred Kaplan-Black Star, Neil Leifer20-22—Rich Clarkson, James Drake, John D. Hanlon, Heinz Kluetmeier, Sheedy & Long, Lane Stewart30, 31—Marcello...

January 08, 1973
Paul Jordan, a senior at Sycamore High, led the Cincinnati area in scoring for the second straight year by making 26 touchdowns and 19 extra points for 175 points in 10 games. In his four years he...

January 08, 1973
THE COLTSSirs:Thank you very much for the excellent article on the Baltimore Colts (Everyone Can't Be First String, Dec. 18). George Plimpton did an outstanding job of reporting the facts of the...

January 08, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

January 08, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Bob Lilly, Dallas Cowboy tackle, on his physical problems: "Lee Roy Jordan says that one time his shoulder was giving him a lot of trouble until he hurt his back. Then his back hurt and his...