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September 29, 1975 | Volume 43, Issue 13

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Dan Devine Cover - Sports Illustrated September 29, 1975

September 29, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

September 29, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Conrad Dobler, St. Louis Cardinal guard, on charges that he had bitten a rival player: "I can say with a clear conscience that I have never knowingly bit another football player. For one thing, I...

September 29, 1975 | John Underwood

September 29, 1975 | Dan Jenkins
Shooting birdies and the breeze, the U.S. overwhelmed Britain and Ireland in a Ryder Cup laugher

September 29, 1975 | Mark Mulvoy
Namath now has musical knees and a suburban home, but he was the same old Joe to the Bills, who blew him down in Buffalo

September 29, 1975 | Mark Kram

September 29, 1975 | Mark Kram
President Ferdinand Marcos had greeted Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in his private study, a cool, dark place in the Malacañang Palace. After talking to the two fighters, the president consented to...

September 29, 1975
Baseball's pennant confrontations approach. Ron Fimrite assesses the matchups and explains how those oh-so-short playoffs threaten to produce some startling results.

September 29, 1975 | Drew (Bundini) Brown
THE PAST IS THE PRELUDEWhen Joe Frazier fights, you always know where he'll be (smack in front of you) and what he'll be doing (shuffling forward, looking to hook). Ali is unpredictable, even when...

September 29, 1975 | Clive Gammon

September 29, 1975 | Jack Meyers
Frank Deford took a week off from writing his article (page 64) on Cincinnati—in which, among other things, he examines that city's World Series fantasies and reaches an argumentative conclusion...

September 29, 1975 | Joe Jares
One quarterback who can do more with his feet than dive into the line is John Sciarra, who has them churning in the open for high-scoring UCLA

September 29, 1975 | Larry Keith

September 29, 1975 | Larry Keith
DEFENSE: The brunt of Oklahoma's constant harassment of Tony Dorsett and the rest of the Pittsburgh offense was 210-pound senior Defensive End Jimbo Elrod, who made 17 tackles, recovered two...

September 29, 1975 | Sam Moses
A restful day of rain at the Jug was just what the doctor ordered

September 29, 1975 | Ray Kennedy
After the owners promised new proposals, NFL players ended a chaotic walkout and kicked off the season. But the truce may be temporary

September 29, 1975 | Ron Reid
It is customary for pro football owners to issue snappy ripostes whenever one of the hired hands strikes, plays out his option or gives some other indication that the NFL is not Nirvana. Los...

September 29, 1975 | J. D. Reed
Boston fans, all too familiar with September swoons, were in agony once more as their Red Sox struggled on and on against Baltimore

September 29, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf

September 29, 1975 | Paul Mellon
The Anatomical Works of George Stubbs, by Terence Doherty (David R. Godine, $85), should interest and instruct the athlete and sportsman. It is also a book to delight and inspire the...

September 29, 1975 | Frank Deford

September 29, 1975
BOWLING—PAM RUTHERFORD of Oroville, Calif. defeated Judy Soutar in the $50,000 Professional Women Bowlers Association championship, in Tulsa. The victory, worth $4,000, was her first since she...

September 29, 1975
4—Irvin Kaar14, 15—Walter Iooss Jr16, 17—John D. Hanlon, Walter Iooss Jr18, 19—John Iacono20, 21—John D. Hanlon22-24—T. Tanuma29—Ed Streeky-Camera 5 for TIME31—Neil Leifer32, 33—Neil Leifer, Tony...

September 29, 1975
Todd Petersen, of Wisner, Neb., won the state singles table-tennis title at Omaha to become the youngest (13) state champion in history. At the U.S. Open in Houston, Todd, teaming with Mark...

September 29, 1975 | Jonathan Yardley
To anyone who has suffered along with the Boston Red Sox through interminable seasons of high hopes and low accomplishments, the mere notion that a Sox pitcher might be induced by gamblers to...

September 29, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
FENWAYSir:Melvin Maddocks' article on Fenway Park (All You Ever Wanted in a Ball Park—and Less, Sept. 15) captured the spirit of Boston's old ball yard with such uncanny accuracy that I am still a...