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March 22, 1976 | Volume 44, Issue 12

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Tracy Austin Cover - Sports Illustrated March 22, 1976

March 22, 1976 | Walter Iooss Jr.
The 24-second clock is running out as Mr. Magic backs toward the hoop, spins, head fakes, hits a fallaway jumper with a fingertip roll, yes! The crowd starts hollering Hollywood, Hollywood, and...

March 22, 1976 | Kent Hannon
Reference books for children run the risk of being juvenile in the worst sense of the word: banal in language, bland in content. The Lincoln Library of Sports Champions (Frontier Press, $158.95)...

March 22, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

March 22, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Roland Carter, pole vaulter, on his first 18-foot effort: "It wasn't any more of a thrill than the first time I cleared 15 or 16 or 17 feet. I just had more time to enjoy it on the way down."

March 22, 1976 | Dan Jenkins

March 22, 1976 | J. D. Reed
Make that flower—namely Guy Lafleur, the high-scoring wing who is giving league-leading Montreal visions of being garlanded as champion once more

March 22, 1976 | Douglas S. Looney
Heavily favored Iowa, led by 150-pounder Chuck Yagla, who was named the tournament's outstanding wrestler, did even better than predicted in winning its second straight NCAA championship

March 22, 1976 | Barry McDermott

March 22, 1976 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 22, 1976
At first the idea shocked Long Beach: you mean to say they're going to come wheeling along our Shoreline Drive at 180 mph? Driving at full blast on Ocean Boulevard? They are, indeed, and next...

March 22, 1976 | Robert F. Jones
American motor racing got its start on real streets more than 70 years ago, but somewhere along the winding way it lost that sense of actuality. From 1904 to 1921, crowds of as many as 250,000...

March 22, 1976 | William Leggett
It would be logical to expect that anyone who had a $4 million telephone bill in 1975 and has already transmitted a 1976 spring-training game by satellite (the White Sox nonroster players' 12-6...

March 22, 1976 | Larry Keith
Powered by a gimpy center, Coppin State won the NAIA tournament

March 22, 1976
Good as gold, the Nuggets have a mile-high lead in the ABA, outdraw almost everybody in the pros but labor unheralded outside Denver. Curry Kirkpatrick gives them their overdue due.

March 22, 1976 | Coles Phinizy
So says one intrepid offshore powerboat racer, a soul mate of restaurateur Rocky Aoki, who took last week's Bushmills Grand Prix at Newport Beach, Calif. The new kid on the briny, Aoki is a racer...

March 22, 1976 | Marsh Clark
World Team Tennis ventured to Moscow to open a five-match series with the Soviet Union. The net result was a U.S. win, a Russian grin

March 22, 1976 | Pat Jordan

March 22, 1976 | John A. Meyers
When Dan Jenkins was assigned to cover the Doral-Eastern Open (page 16), he and Golf Editor Walter Bingham decided the best way to report on the tournament would be to describe how the pros played...

March 22, 1976
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Golden State arrived in New Orleans too late to celebrate Mardi Gras, but just in time to rejoice over clinching at least a share of the Pacific Division title with a 111-97...

March 22, 1976
14—drawing by Arnold Roth21—Manny Millan22, 23—Al Satterwhite-Camera 539—George Long40, 41—Eric Schweikardt (3), George Long (2)42—Bradley Smith44—Lane Stewart46—Rich Clarkson52, 55—Peter Read...

March 22, 1976
Steve Bastianelli, a senior at Sussex (Del.) Central High, won his third straight state high school wrestling title, triumphing in the 119-pound class. He has not lost in six years of state...

March 22, 1976 | Edited by Gay Flood
MUCH ADO ABOUT McADOOSir:Curry Kirkpatrick's story on Bob McAdoo (Shoot If You Must...I Must, Says McAdoo, March 8) neglected to mention one important point: the Braves have never won an NBA...