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January 30, 1978 | Volume 48, Issue 5

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Esteban DeJesus Cover - Sports Illustrated January 30, 1978

January 30, 1978 | Edited by Douglas S. Looney

January 30, 1978 | Edited by Douglas S. Looney
•Shelby Metcalf, Texas A&M basketball coach, after watching Baylor miss 19 of 35 free throws against Rice: "Rice defends against the free throw as well as anybody I've seen."

January 30, 1978 | Pat Putnam

January 30, 1978 | Joe Marshall
The game in the NFL these days is musical coaches—or who'll replace Jack who may succeed George who possibly will follow Chuck?

January 30, 1978 | Bruce Newman
Several ice and snow storms led to the collapse at the Hartford Civic Center Coliseum, forcing New England of the WHA to find a new home for 18 months

January 30, 1978 | Joe Jares
A West German doctor, with his family in tow, and a Tanzanian language teacher made themselves at home in Los Angeles, repaying their host with stirring wins in the mile and two-mile at the...

January 30, 1978 | Anita Verschoth
It was going to be the finest Philadelphia Track Classic in the 11-year history of the event. A top field had been lined up for last Friday night's meet and arrangements had been made to fly many...

January 30, 1978
The two lives of a thief, who learned to become a base stealer only after he was sent up for armed robbery, are recounted by Ron LeFlore. In two years he went from behind the walls of Jackson...

January 30, 1978
Winter does not stop racing in Indiana, where drivers in diminutive cars go indoors to thunder after checkered flags

January 30, 1978 | Robert F. Jones

January 30, 1978 | Jack Meyers
Only eight names remain from the original SPORTS ILLUSTRATED masthead of Aug. 16, 1954. Sad to say, that number is now reduced to seven as Assistant Managing Editor Jack Tibby retires. He will be...

January 30, 1978 | Peter Gammons
Under Hank Raymonds, it has been winning—14-1—as usual at Marquette

January 30, 1978 | Bruce Newman

January 30, 1978 | Bruce Newman
DANNY AINGE: In two wins last week, the 6'4½" BYU freshman guard, who is the WAC's No. 2 scorer (22.6), hit 23 of 38 from the field and 16 of 17 from the foul line for 62 points. He also had 10...

January 30, 1978 | Doyle McManus
Korchnoi came out of his match with Spassky smiling and ready for world champion Karpov, but in Belgrade he was grimly convinced that the Soviet KGB was bombarding him with rays

January 30, 1978 | John Papanek
Denver is off to its usual fast start, but once more it may not be able to go the distance. Star Guard Brian Taylor has walked off in a huff over money and outstanding defensive Forward Bobby...

January 30, 1978 | George Plimpton

January 30, 1978 | George Plimpton
Plimpton meets up with Gary Dornhoefer's muscles and Reggie Leach's linger in Philadelphia.

January 30, 1978 | Bob Ottum
This may come as a shock to Muhammad Ali, but he can no longer count on strutting off into history as The Greatest. Second-greatest, maybe. Ali was getting by nicely with that act, as both a boxer...

January 30, 1978
4—Tony Triolo11—drawing by SQW14, 15—John Iacono17—Hank deLespinasse22, 23—Manny Millan24—James Drake42, 43—Heinz Kluetmeier48—Vican Vicanovic-PEOPLE52, 53—Heinz Kluetmeier

January 30, 1978
PRO BASKETBALL—Would a fifth-place team trade the league's leading scorer? You betcha, said a local newspaper of New Orleans General Manager Lewis Schaffel's plans for Pete Maravich. That night...

January 30, 1978
JOHN DAVIESEWING TOWNSHIP, N.J.John, 10, scored a record 87 goals for the 20-3 Robbins Pharmacy soccer team, twice tallying six goals in a game and once seven. John also led the Ewing Township...

January 30, 1978 | Edited by Gay Flood
BATHING BEAUTIESSir:Congratulations on one of your finest issues (Jan. 16). Sooper Dooper was one of the best football articles I have ever read and made me glad to be a baseball fan. Joe...