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April 10, 1978 | Volume 48, Issue 16

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George Foster Cover - Sports Illustrated April 10, 1978

April 10, 1978 | Bruce Allen
Any list of paramount blockheads must include Charlie Brown, the hero of Sandlot Peanuts (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, $9.95), a retrospective collection of Charles Schulz cartoons that document...

April 10, 1978
15—Drawing by SQW26, 27—Dan Baliotti36—Tony Triolo37—Dan Baliotti38—Tony Triolo (top), (clockwise from left) Tony Triolo, John Iacono, Tony Triolo John D. Hanlon, Tony Triolo, Lane...

April 10, 1978

April 10, 1978
ARCHERY—World Champion LUANN RYON of Riverside, Calif. won the women's title at the U.S. Indoor championships in Harrisburg, Pa. Ryon scored 1,100X1,200 to edge Ruth Rowe of Pittsburgh, who scored...

April 10, 1978 | Edited by Gay Flood
JACK'S BACKSir:Your March 27 cover photograph of Jack Nicklaus is another great one. A confident look from an athlete who knows he's the best in his field. Just for the record, on how many covers...

April 10, 1978 | Jeannette Bruce
My invitation this year to participate in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey "annual animal walk" is worded more cleverly ("You are cordially invited to enjoy a Close Encounter of the Herd...

April 10, 1978 | Bill Verigan
The paintings in the windows of other art galleries crowded along New York City's 57th Street are unmistakably by Picasso and Miró and Monet. Those in the Spectrum Fine Art Gallery at 30 W. 57th...

April 10, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

April 10, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Father Vaughan Quinn, part-time goalie for a winning all-priest hockey team that plays in Michigan and Ontario: "We cheat like hell."

April 10, 1978 | Sam Moses
Carlos Reutemann's victory for Ferrari at Long Beach served notice that red is far from dead on the Grand Prix circuit

April 10, 1978 | William Leggett
Alydar, Calumet's outstanding 3-year-old, left a feline talisman and Believe It behind after an impressive win in the Florida Derby

April 10, 1978 | Joe Jares
When Steve Cauthen watches Affirmed race, it is usually from behind the chestnut colt's braided mane, with dirt clods and the curses of other jockeys flying through the air. But last Sunday...

April 10, 1978 | Joe Marshall
Which is the Big Red's way of saying it held off overconfidence and small-college champion Hobart to triumph in lacrosse's Super Bowl

April 10, 1978 | Curry Kirkpatrick

April 10, 1978
The wearin' of the green has been Jack Nicklaus' habit at the Masters, with five of the distinctive jackets hanging in his closet. Now Jack may be helped into a sixth—but not if Tom Watson, among...

April 10, 1978

April 10, 1978 | Melissa Ludtke
Catchers and home-plate umpires are almost certainly the oddest of all sport's odd couples. Crouching and sweating together beneath layers of padding and suffering like bruises from foul tips and...

April 10, 1978 | Ron Fimrite
As curious as it may seem, a player who until the middle of spring training was on an American League roster has been for many months a pivotal influence in the affairs of the National League....

April 10, 1978 | Larry Keith
Dwelling in the bullpen of the Philadelphia Phillies is a creature of monstrous dimensions and awesome power. He stands 24'7", weighs 780 pounds and throws a wide assortment of pitches with an...

April 10, 1978 | John A. Meyres
As Frank Deford observes on page 92, "Opening Day means spring...buds spreading and jackets unbuttoning...rubber bands being released from neat's-foot-oiled baseball mitts that had been held tight...

April 10, 1978 | Joe Marshall
The battle in the American League West will be more of a war of philosophies than of teams. On one side are the challengers, Brad Corbett's Texas Rangers and Gene Autry's California Angels. After...

April 10, 1978 | Jim Kaplan
It's about time the turmoil-means-trouble theory died a quiet death. Teams do not have to pray together to play together. Just look at the world champions of the 1970s. We are all too familiar...

April 10, 1978 | David Nemec
These questions, some of them toughies and a few that most fans will find as easy to nail as a hanging curve, are taken from David Nemec's "The Even More Challenging Baseball Quiz Book" to be...

April 10, 1978 | David Nemec
1 Phillie Jose Cardenal2 Brave Jeff Burroughs3 Yankee Reggie Jackson4 Cincy Mgr. Sparky Anderson5 Cub Dave Kingman6 Yankee Thurman Munson; Cardinal Ted Simmons7 Oriole Mgr. Earl Weaver8 Yank Rich...

April 10, 1978 | Jim Kaplan
In a game in which indecorous behavior is the rule, the aggressive and abrasive Marty Hogan is the most ill-mannered player and the most accomplished

April 10, 1978 | Richard Leutzinger
Lots of grannies kick up their heels, but Mavis Lindgren does it in marathons

April 10, 1978 | John Papanek
Rookie Nancy Lopez was on a hot streak but cooled off at Mission Hills

April 10, 1978 | Clive Gammon
Red Rum's injured fetlock kept his many fans in suspense all week before they learned that the grand old horse wouldn't run in the Grand National, but in a fitting finale, riderless, he led his...

April 10, 1978 | Dan Levin
And that's just what the Penn, Cal and Harvard crews did, finishing in the wake of Washington's hardy and unyielding crew (below) on San Diego's Mission Bay

April 10, 1978 | Frank Deford
It's Opening Day, so buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, remember to hold the label up and tell me Who's on First?

April 10, 1978 | David J. Wright
The Olympics it's not. Gladiators and lions it's not. It also bears little resemblance to a game between the Yankees and the Dodgers.