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December 04, 1978 | Volume 49, Issue 23

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Earl Campbell Cover - Sports Illustrated December 04, 1978

December 04, 1978 | Frank Deford
The New Year's Eve we did the town,The day we tore the goalposts down—We will have these moments to remember....*—FIRST IN A SERIES OF AMERICAN ROMANTIC MEMORIES

December 04, 1978
PRO BASKETBALL—Streaks, both winning and losing, were the order in the NBA. Truck Robinson scored a career-high 51 points, the most by an NBA player this season, to lead New Orleans to a 140-118...

December 04, 1978
4—Walter Iooss Jr.20, 21—Heinz Kluetmeier22—Walter Iooss Jr. (left), Heinz Kluetmeier23—Heinz Kluetmeier24—Steve Goldstein25—Peter Read Miller28—Heinz Kluetmeier29—Grant M. Haller (top), Mike...

December 04, 1978
MICHAEL RICHARDSONCOMPTON, CALIF.Michael, a defensive end, forced six fumbles, recovered four and ran two for TDs in Compton's 41-20 win over Millikan. The 6', 190-pound senior also had seven...

December 04, 1978 | Edited by Gay Flood
CHARLES WHITE & CO.Sir:I thoroughly enjoyed John Underwood's article on USC's long line of star tailbacks (It's Not Just a Run of Luck, Nov. 20). It was interesting, informative and almost...

December 04, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

December 04, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Tracy Steele, who has lost six of nine pro fights but isn't about to hang up his gloves: "I have the heart of a racehorse trapped inside the body of a jackass."

December 04, 1978 | Ron Reid
Earl Cambell hasn't fallen on his Heisman Trophy in the pros. No sir. Houston's amazing rookie, who ripped through Miami and Cincinnati for 321 yards, is the NFL's No. 1 rusher

December 04, 1978 | E. M. Swift
Sadly, it is Detroit's millionaire goalie, Rogatien Vachon. He was a standout at L.A., but so far he has been a dud in the motor city

December 04, 1978 | Ron Fimrite
Rick Leach was on Woody Hayes' mind as the Michigan quarterback whipped OSU and earned his team a ticket to the Rose Bowl

December 04, 1978 | Barry McDermott

December 04, 1978
Stormy John McEnroe had a big November, displaying his volatile temperament while winning two tournaments and signing on with the U.S. Davis Cup team. Curry Kirkpatrick tells what makes the...

December 04, 1978
Artist Rob Kaufman extends an invitation to his fantasy world, a vision of basketball that is hardly the game he knew as a 6'2" forward on his Chatham Township, N.J. high school team, but the game...

December 04, 1978 | Kelso F. Sutton
Staff writer John Papanek, a native of Patchogue, N.Y., spent his undergraduate days at the University of Michigan, where he got his first earful of Bob Ufer, the clamorous voice of Wolverine...

December 04, 1978 | Joe Marshall

December 04, 1978 | John Papanek
It seems a small enough claim to fame, but University of Michigan grads like to boast that their school has more living alumni, some 250,000, than any other university in the country. If this is...

December 04, 1978 | Mike DelNagro
That's how many victories Florida State passers Wally Woodham and Jimmy Jordan got for their coach, who never could figure out which of them should start

December 04, 1978 | Douglas S. Looney

December 04, 1978 | Douglas S. Looney
OFFENSE: Mickey Elam, a lightly used 5'9", 175-pound junior running back, who was thrown in as Baylor's quarterback against Texas, ran for one touchdown and passed for another in the Bears'...

December 04, 1978 | Joe Jares
With former UCLA Coach Gene Bartow, brash Birmingham is starting at the top

December 04, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf

December 04, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf
ENRIQUE APONTE: Wagner's 6'6" junior forward connected on 11 of 16 field-goal attempts and scored 26 points as the Seahawks shocked Alabama 86-74. He had 16 more points in a 108-91 loss to St. John's.

December 04, 1978 | Joe Marshall
The final score was 10-10, but Minnesota still beat Green Bay

December 04, 1978 | Steve Raymond
Anglers in the Pacific Northwest may hate winter rains, but now, not summer, is the time to venture forth for cutthroat

December 04, 1978 | Jeannette Bruce
If you've thrown out the avalanche of catalogs and promotional material that lands in your mailbox this time of year, you will have missed some unusual gift ideas for those...

December 04, 1978 | Demmie Stathoplos
Marty Blum, a Bronx cowboy, found that dropping out of college didn't handicap him in his chosen profession

December 04, 1978 | Dan Levin
The first world championship gold medal for a U.S. woman gymnast was brought home from France by Marcia Frederick, who began tumbling and went straight up

December 04, 1978 | Curry Kirkpatrick