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September 17, 1979 | Volume 51, Issue 12

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Tracy Austin Cover - Sports Illustrated September 17, 1979

September 17, 1979 | Tim Smith
In 1854 an Adirondack Mountains guide named Tucker wrote to a patron, "It's an interestin' study to look into things as they were so long back and see what wild animals, birds, fishes, and such...

September 17, 1979 | Todd Brewster
If baseball statisticians are gripping their pencils a little tighter this year, it may be because they've heard about the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), a group of self-avowed...

September 17, 1979 | Edited by Myra Gelband

September 17, 1979 | Edited by Myra Gelband
•Reggie Williams, Cincinnati Bengal linebacker, assessing his physical talents: "Speed, strength and the ability to recognize pain immediately."

September 17, 1979 | Curry Kirkpatrick
When it came down to the finals at Flushing Meadow, it was strictly a New York affair, John McEnroe, local boy made good, doing a number on Vitas Gerulaitis, local boy made not so good, to win the...

September 17, 1979 | Barry McDermott
Magnificently fulfilling her boundless promise, Tracy Austin became a legend Sunday. By winning the women's title at the tender age of 16, she is now the youngest champion—male or female—in the...

September 17, 1979 | William Nack
Affirmed's weighty problems eliminated some of the drama from the race, but Spectacular Bid won a memorable Marlboro Cup

September 17, 1979 | Paul Zimmerman
The Steelers' Monster defense played a tune on Houston, chasing Dan Pastorini from the game with an injury and stopping Earl Campbell cold in a 38-7 romp

September 17, 1979
Transatlantic golf with a twist: a team of the 12 best pros from Great Britain, Ireland and the Continent face a dozen top U.S. players in the biennial Ryder Cup Matches in four-ball, foursomes...

September 17, 1979 | Clive Gammon
The Soccer Bowl crowd was unforgiving toward Vancouver for knocking the Cosmos out of the playoffs, but the Caps were unyielding on the field, stopping Rodney Marsh and the Rowdies to win the NASL...

September 17, 1979 | Ron Fimrite

September 17, 1979 | Kelso F. Sutton
Editors at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED are a resilient species, capable of casting an indulgent eye upon the most improbable of story ideas. Sometimes they find it best not to ask too many questions. But...

September 17, 1979 | Coles Phinizy

September 17, 1979 | Joe Jares
You may abbreviate Keith Hernandez' name but don't ever, ever sell him short

September 17, 1979 | Kathleen Andria

September 17, 1979 | Kathleen Andria
GEORGE FOSTER: Battling for an unprecedented fourth straight RBI title, the Cincinnati leftfielder drove in 11 runs—two were game-winners—with 11 hits, three homers. Despite missing 26 games, he...

September 17, 1979 | Douglas S. Looney
But which, the optimistic or ominous, will South Carolina's Jim Carlen heed?

September 17, 1979 | Herman Weiskopf
Like South Carolina, Texas A&M, Arizona State, Stanford, Colorado and Ball State had their high hopes for the season jolted in the first weekend of play.

September 17, 1979 | Kenny Moore
Jeff Wells and Tony Sandoval finished together to win the Nike Marathon, a race in which 50 runners went under the U.S. Olympic Trial qualifying standard

September 17, 1979 | Bruce Newman

September 17, 1979 | Bud Collins
Abbie lived up to his reputation: he was missing. We couldn't reach him, but that only put us in a class with the FBI. Of course, it isn't that easy to send an invitation to a guy who's gone...

September 17, 1979
4—Robert Hagedohm18, 19—Dan Baliotti (left), Co Rentmeester20, 21—Walter Iooss Jr.24—Tony Triolo25—Frank White26, 27—Heinz Kluetmeier28—Heinz Kluetmeier (2), James Drake (bottom)42—The Bettmann...

September 17, 1979 | Compiled by ROGER JACKSON
BOXING—PARK CHAN-HEE of South Korea retained his WBC flyweight title in a 15-round draw with former champion Miguel Canto of Mexico, in Seoul, South Korea.

September 17, 1979 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:If I remember correctly, Fran Tarkenton once said that passing to Homer Jones was like throwing to a "man on a motorcycle with a butterfly net." After reading (Sept. 3), one has to wonder if...

September 17, 1979 | Jonathan Yardley
If there's a sadder figure than Shoeless Joe Jackson in the long and intricate history of baseball, his name doesn't come quickly to mind. No better "natural hitter" may ever have played the game,...

September 17, 1979 | Andy Meisler
Not a worry, not a care,With the yo-yo you've quite a flare,It's "Heleena Goldeena" doing the Shooting Star,Best Wishes, Good Luck, may you rocket far!

September 17, 1979 | Craig Mitchell
I've forgotten what tournament it was, but Dad was working the scoreboard as usual. And this little guy was bugging him. The little guy was trying to prove how much he knew about the history and...