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December 24, 1979 | Volume 51, Issue 26

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Willie Stargell Cover - Sports Illustrated December 24, 1979

December 24, 1979 | Dick Phelan
If Jefferson Davis had had his way, the U.S. Cavalry would have pursued Comanches on camelback. The Indians, riding mustangs that initially would have widely outdistanced the camels, would have...

December 24, 1979 | Ted Smiley
In 1633 a shipload of settlers from Dorchester, Mass. sailed down the Connecticut River to the Farmington River and on to what now is Windsor, Conn. Their descendants still live there. In 1932 the...

December 24, 1979 | Michael Baughman
I was never much of a surfer, but I recall it as a fine sport, one which often demanded the virtue that Hemingway labeled "grace under pressure." Defined in prosaic language, this would be one's...

December 24, 1979
4—Illustrations by John Huehnergarth30, 31—Richard Mackson32, 33—Manny Millan34—John Iacono (top), Tony Tomsic (center), Manny Millan35—R. J. Capak (left), Lane Stewart (center), Bob Straus Jr.36,...

December 24, 1979 | Compiled by CRAIG NEFF
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Milwaukee, which drew away from its Midwest Division rivals early in the year with 10 straight wins, watched its lead dwindle to half a game. The Bucks lost four times, while...

December 24, 1979
TOM SOUTHALLSTEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLO.Tom, a junior tailback, ran for 412 yards on 28 carries and scored six TDs to lead Steamboat Springs High to a 52-15 win over Sheridan in the state Class-AA...

December 24, 1979 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:I read with interest your article on the University of New Mexico basketball scandal (Now , Dec. 10). You quoted UNM President William E. Davis as saying it was "lack of leadership and...

December 24, 1979 | Myra Gelband
When it comes to running in unfamiliar territory, I, like Blanche DuBois, "have always depended on the kindness of strangers." With mixed results. Asking a desk clerk or taxi driver where to run...

December 24, 1979 | Abbie Hoffman
The mail comes late to my mountain hideout somewhere off the coast of Iowa, but not long ago I read a copy of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED that contained a reminiscence by my old tennis coach. Bud Collins...

December 24, 1979 | Edited by Myra Gelband

December 24, 1979 | Edited by Myra Gelband
•Serge Savard, Montreal Canadiens defenseman, after a game against Gordie Howe: "He didn't show me anything new. All of our guys have been playing like 51-year-olds this season."

December 24, 1979
The countdown to Super Bowl XIV continues with four divisional playoff games, and both Pittsburgh and Dallas, the rivals in XIII, will enjoy the home-field advantage. Dan Jenkins, Joe Marshall,...

December 24, 1979 | Larry Keith
UCLA basketball once was a dynasty of dynasties, but two losses last week showed how far the mighty have fallen

December 24, 1979 | Paul Zimmerman
Weighing traditional All-Pro lists and finding them wanting, the author proclaims his own picks for 1979

December 24, 1979 | Ron Fimrite

December 24, 1979 | Kelso F. Sutton
Twenty-five years ago, when SPORTS ILLUSTRATED was born. Willie (Pops) Stargell, one of our co-Sportsmen of 1979, was known around Oakland, Calif. as Lefty Milkshake—the 13-year-old Wilver was as...

December 24, 1979 | Douglas S. Looney
Canadians do not curse their cruel winter; they choose instead to celebrate it with festivals like Winterlude in Ottawa, when the snowy capital becomes a gallery of ice sculptures and a symphony...

December 24, 1979 | Douglas S. Looney

December 24, 1979 | Jim Kaplan
Ah, the noble hound: the retriever and pointer, which bring in the game; the bloodhound, which tracks down felons and rescues lost children; the coonhound. which practically qualifies as a...

December 24, 1979 | Paula Phelps
Like seven-story Christmas tree ornaments, they waft over a New Mexico mesa, their pilots riding in wicker baskets suspended beneath sheer nylon "envelopes." On landing, the hot-air balloonists...

December 24, 1979 | William F. Reed
After Kentucky's late burst beat No. 1 Indiana, Hoosier Coach Bobby Knight wished more than ever he hadn't let Indianian Kyle Macy slip off to the Bluegrass State

December 24, 1979 | Herm Weiskopf

December 24, 1979 | Herm Weiskopf
MICHAEL BROOKS: The 6'7½" senior center scored 33 points as La Salle beat Rider 102-59, then was named MVP at the Cougar Classic, where his 74-point total helped the Explorers finish second to BYU.

December 24, 1979 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Despite the throbbing arias of a 350-pound cheerleader, Italy was defeated in the Davis Cup finals by the United States, as Smith and Lutz rendered their last duet

December 24, 1979 | Lionel Atwill

December 24, 1979 | Barry McDermott
Certain things make you feel smart. Remembering a mother-in-law's birthday can do it. Remembering a boss' birthday can really do it. And, occasionally, even buying something can have that effect....

December 24, 1979 | Anthony Cotton
Old Indestructible, Jim Marshall of the Vikings, retires after 302 straight games

December 24, 1979 | Bruce Newman
His fourth team in four seasons should be Adrian Dantley's last—unless, of course, the struggling Utah Jazz, like the Braves, Pacers and Lakers, up and trade him, too

December 24, 1979 | Edwin B. Kantar

December 24, 1979 | Edwin B. Kantar
400-300 You should have taken my place on the U.S. team.

December 24, 1979 | Clive Gammon