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July 07, 1980 | Volume 53, Issue 2

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Steve Scott Cover - Sports Illustrated July 07, 1980

July 07, 1980 | Kenny Moore

July 07, 1980 | Clive Gammon
Alan Minter so firmly established himself as middleweight champ with his win over Vito Antuofermo that it was time for a Cockney fest

July 07, 1980 | Frank Deford

July 07, 1980 | E.M. Swift

July 07, 1980
Addiction is the word many medical men apply to the craving felt by some of today's running boomers for more and more miles. Like drug users, they have a monkey on their backs, and it's wearing...

July 07, 1980 | Jim Kaplan
Jorge Orta of Cleveland has found new success in a new town as a heady hitter

July 07, 1980 | Herm Weiskopf

July 07, 1980 | Herm Weiskopf
JERRY REUSS: The Los Angeles lefthander, who was 7-14 last year and who began this season in the bullpen, pitched an 8-0 no-hitter against San Francisco, improving his record to 9-1 and lowering...

July 07, 1980 | Frank Deford
The depth of Kill or Be Killed, a new Occidental martial-arts film, may best be shown by the following colloquy: When Steve and Olga, our black-belt heroes, are trapped in the big desert with...

July 07, 1980 | Barry McDermott
The trend to seniors brings a new Open and a bonanza for Roberto de Vicenzo

July 07, 1980
They are a vanishing breed, ball parks like Detroit's Tiger Stadium (right), once known as Briggs—parks built before World War II, before expansion and before domes. On the following pages are the...

July 07, 1980 | E. M. Swift

July 07, 1980
12, 13—Rich Clarkson14, 15—Rich Clarkson (left), Andy Hayt (2)16, 17—Andy Hayt24—Graham Finlayson25-27—Paul Kennedy29—Graham Finlayson, map by Bill Bernstein37—Tony Tomsic40—courtesy Film Ventures...

July 07, 1980 | Compiled by ROY S. JOHNSON
BOATING—MOXIE, a 51-foot trimaran, skippered by Philip Weld, 65, of Gloucester, Mass., won the singlehanded transatlantic race from Plymouth, England to Newport, R.I. He finished the 3,387 miles...

July 07, 1980
SHERON WATSONWENDEL, PA.Watson, 34, the girls' volleyball coach at Norwin High, guided the Knights to a 15-11, 6-15, 15-0 victory over Baldwin High in the finals of the state tournament and a...

July 07, 1980
MONTREAL BRAWLSir:Let's have a toast for two great boxers—Leonard and Duran (Right On for Roberto, June 30).

July 07, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

July 07, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Armand Pohan, president of the Colorado Rockies, introducing Coach Billy MacMillan as successor to the loquacious Don Cherry: "He has a big pair of lungs to fill."