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October 13, 1980 | Volume 53, Issue 16

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated October 13, 1980

October 13, 1980 | Bil Gilbert

October 13, 1980 | Giles Tippette
I guess it was the broom drive, more than anything else, that really was responsible for the creation of Freshman Night at the Fort. This was back in the days right after the Korean war when I was...

October 13, 1980 | Bob Ottum
This is an unsolicited testimonial, as they said in the old days of radio. In the new days of whatever this era is, it might be called an unabashed plug. Whatever, here goes. There's a book out...

October 13, 1980 | John Hildebrand
That summer the storms rolled in every few days, so that no sooner would the rivers I fished begin to clear than another thunderstorm would blow in, usually after dark. The next morning would...

October 13, 1980 | Jim Kaplan
It was a memorable year. George Brett almost hit .400, the National League had two gut-clenching pennant races, San Francisco's Willie McCovey retired, and the players and owners narrowly averted...

October 13, 1980
8—Paul Kennedy34, 35-Manny Millan36—Howard Bingham (top), John Iacono37—John Iacono (top), Neil Leifer-TIME38—Manny Millan39—Howard Bingham40—Manny Millan41—Manny Millan (top), Dirck...

October 13, 1980 | Compiled by CRAIG NEFF
BOXING—LARRY HOLMES retained his WBC heavyweight title in Las Vegas when Muhammad Ali failed to come out for the 11th round (page 34).

October 13, 1980
CURT BONDOREFIELD, PA.Bond, 34, an architectural draftsman, covered 391.25 miles in 24 hours of continuous bicycling at the Lehigh County (Pa.) Velodrome. Before his 1,891-lap ride, he cycled as...

October 13, 1980
NEW WRINKLESSir:Thanks for another intriguing cover of Muhammad Ali (Sept. 29). He is The Greatest, except for those crumpled boxing shorts! Tell Muhammad that it just won't do.

October 13, 1980 | Michael Baughman
Pacific lampreys are eel-like fish with disk-shaped mouths and jagged teeth. Like salmon and steelhead, they spend their adult lives in the ocean and then ascend coastal rivers to spawn. They...

October 13, 1980 | Michael Baughman
Our family cat, a tom named Butch, looks like a miniature cougar; he has a small head with prominent whiskers, short yellowish-brown fur above, whitish underparts and an extraordinarily long and...

October 13, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

October 13, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Brad Dillman, actor, explaining why he prefers golf to tennis: "All tennis courts look alike."

October 13, 1980 | Pat Putnam

October 13, 1980 | Frank Deford
Does it really matter? Does anyone really care about the quality of the production of the closed-circuit television of a fight? It is rather like critiquing the captions on a color page of a skin...

October 13, 1980 | William Nack
The fight had ended a couple of hours before, but already Larry Holmes and Muhammad Ali had gone their ways, mere bit players now. Holmes stood in front of Caesars Palace, wearing a blue blazer,...

October 13, 1980
Pro Basketball tips off as the NBA begins its 35th season and SI presents its 24th annual issue. Our starting five: John Papanek's essay on the importance of team play in a sport renowned for...

October 13, 1980 | Mark Mulvoy

October 13, 1980 | Kathy Blumenstock
As the NHL unveils yet another 840-game preseason before the serious stuff begins in April, the Stanley Cup resides on Long Island, Don Cherry is perusing the "coach wanted" ads, and a new rule...

October 13, 1980 | E.M. Swift

October 13, 1980 | Mike DelNagro
Saturday was a nightmare for Ohio State and Nebraska, the nation's second- and third-ranked teams, the Buckeyes losing to UCLA, the Huskers to Florida State

October 13, 1980 | Joe Marshall
The name of the game is, after all, football. Isn't it ironic then that the least-appreciated facet of the sport is the art of putting foot to leather? Those Heisman types run with it and throw it...

October 13, 1980 | Herm Weiskopf

October 13, 1980 | Herm Weiskopf
OFFENSE: Phil Carter, a 5'10", 193-pound sophomore halfback, came within one yard of the Notre Dame single-game rushing record as he gained 254 yards on 40 carries to help the Irish whip Michigan...

October 13, 1980 | Philip G. Howlett
The paintings accompanying the hockey scouting reports starting on page 52 of this issue were done by Alexander Walsh. Two years ago, when Art Director Richard Gangel came upon Walsh's work at a...

October 13, 1980 | Paul Zimmerman
Miami's three quarterbacks seem to work best coming out of the bullpen, so Don Shula is acting like Captain Hook

October 13, 1980 | Robert F. Jones
Alan Jones reasserted his right to the driving championship at Watkins Glen

October 13, 1980 | Ron Fimrite
Well, at least not in the last game, when Houston came back from three straight losses to win the NL West in a playoff

October 13, 1980 | Steve Wulf
Like children stuck inside on a bad day, the Phillies were restless. Their little date with destiny was being held up by a steady Montreal rain. In the Philadelphia locker room Del Unser and Marty...

October 13, 1980 | William Leggett
Spectacular Bid passed on the Gold Cup, retiring as the winningest horse