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August 17, 1981 | Volume 55, Issue 8

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Gary Carter Cover - Sports Illustrated August 17, 1981

August 17, 1981 | Steve Wulf
Big league baseball came back with a barrage of homers as the National League won its 10th straight All-Star Game

August 17, 1981 | William Nack
Returning to the ring for the first time since disgracing himself in New Orleans, Roberto Duran narrowly defeated young Nino Gonzalez

August 17, 1981 | Mike DelNagro
Shiaway went thataway to take the 56th Hambletonian

August 17, 1981 | Jack McCallum

August 17, 1981 | William Oscar Johnson
As more homes gain access to it and other forms of pay TV, more sports entrepreneurs devise ways to reap the rewards

August 17, 1981 | Wilmer Ames
When Summit High took on Montclair High in lacrosse on a cold, dreary day last April, only a few loyal parents and friends showed up to watch. But they weren't the only ones to catch the action....

August 17, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
A sad week.

August 17, 1981 | William Nack

August 17, 1981 | Dan Jenkins
Local favorite Larry Nelson commuted to his victory in the PGA Championship

August 17, 1981 | John Garrity

August 17, 1981 | Michael Baughman
I rate myself a mediocre golfer, though perhaps I'm too erratic to deserve even that adjective. While I can par the local course a couple of times a year, when things aren't going well, which is...

August 17, 1981 | John Underwood
I distrust congressional involvement in sport on practical grounds: Whenever legislators get involved, progress seems to suffer. I distrust even more the subcommittee hearings that are held every...

August 17, 1981
4—Island Camera (top), Thomas Vanderschmidt12, 13—Walter Iooss Jr.14—Tony Tomsic15—Manny Millan20—John Iacono, Paul Kennedy (inset)21—Paul Kennedy22, 25—John Iacono26, 27—Evelyn Floret28, 29—San...

August 17, 1981 | Compiled by ALEXANDER WOLFF
BASEBALL—The National League won the 52nd All-Star Game in Cleveland, using four home runs to defeat the American League 5-4 (page 12).

August 17, 1981
RHETT BUTLERHOLLIS, OKLA.Rhett, a 9-year-old pitcher on the Hollis "A" Pee Wee team in the Short Grass League, pitched a perfect game, and struck out 11 batters, in a 10-0 victory over Blair at a...

August 17, 1981 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

August 17, 1981 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Lee Corso, Indiana football coach, explaining why USC was on the Hoosiers' schedule this year: "When I took this job I promised our fans I'd show them a Rose Bowl team."

August 17, 1981 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:Once again Paul Zimmerman has shown that he has few—if any—equals when it comes to writing about pro football. The extent of his knowledge and research was very evident in his article on John...