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December 21, 1981 | Volume 55, Issue 26

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Earl Cooper Cover - Sports Illustrated December 21, 1981

December 21, 1981 | Edited By Jerry Kirshenbaum

December 21, 1981 | Edited By Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Bob Lanier, Milwaukee Buck center, literally bowing at the feet of Forward Marques Johnson on the latter's return to the team last week after signing a $1-million-a-year contract to end a...

December 21, 1981 | Paul Zimmerman
Under scholarly Bill Walsh, the 49ers have been a quick study in winning

December 21, 1981 | Rick Telander
Joe Montana looks like the happy-go-lucky kid you sat next to in fourth grade. Blue eyes shining, blond hair wild under a tilted baseball cap, he sits in T shirt and jeans in an empty classroom at...

December 21, 1981 | Barry McDermott
The U.S. won two tense matches to defeat Argentina for the Davis Cup

December 21, 1981 | William Nack
After losing to Trevor Berbick, a subdued Muhammad Ali softly admitted that his illustrious career had come to an end

December 21, 1981 | Curry Kirkpatrick

December 21, 1981 | Sarah Pileggi

December 21, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
Our most physically imposing story subject ever (not counting elephants and whales) is the 35-year-old French-born professional wrestler Andre the Giant, né Andre Roussimoff, who goes 7'4" and 500...

December 21, 1981 | William Nack

December 21, 1981 | William Leggett
How a 2-year-old runs up the loot may decide whether it runs for the roses

December 21, 1981 | Jack McCallum
Southwestern Louisiana made gumbo of its rivals in the Bayou Classic

December 21, 1981 | Anthony Cotton

December 21, 1981 | Anthony Cotton
KEVIN MAGEE: Cal-Irvine's 6'8" forward scored 28 points and had 12 rebounds in the Anteaters' 82-70 upset of Nevada-Las Vegas. For the year, Magee has hit on 73 of 97 shots from the field.

December 21, 1981 | Barclay Kruse
Mount Rainier has attracted thousands of mountain climbers since the first documented ascent of the 14,410-foot peak in 1870. All have had to cope with Rainier's fickle weather, which can be...

December 21, 1981 | Craig Neff
St. Louis' Roy Green plays them all: offense, defense and special teams

December 21, 1981 | Terry Todd

December 21, 1981 | Jill Lieber
It was inevitable, I guess. After all, how many little girls beg for a football helmet for their fourth birthday? And how many of them tell the coach of their ninth-grade intramural flag-football...

December 21, 1981
4—Manny Rubio18, 19—Andy Hayt20, 21—Peter Read Miller (top left), Andy Hayt (2)22, 23—Peter Read Miller24, 25—Adam Stoltman (top), Manny Millan26—John Iacono27—Tony Triolo28—John Iacono (top),...

December 21, 1981 | Compiled by N. BROOKS CLARK
PRO BASKETBALL—After seven straight losses, Atlanta beat Boston 108-97. That defeat kept the Celtics a game behind Philadelphia in the Atlantic Division despite the 76ers' week-ending 127-108 loss...

December 21, 1981
BEN FORNEYROTHSVILLE, PA.Forney, 77, a semi-retired livestock dealer, rode, as the No. 1 player, in 28 of 33 games this season for the Lancaster Polo Club of Rothsville. Believed to be the oldest...

December 21, 1981 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE NEW DORSETTSir:My compliments to Rick Telander for his incisive and solidly written story on Tony Dorsett (Hell on Wheels, Dec. 7). I particularly admired the balanced coverage he gave his...