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January 11, 1982 | Volume 56, Issue 1

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Perry Tuttle Cover - Sports Illustrated January 11, 1982

January 11, 1982 | John Papanek
Scratching and clawing, Clemson upset Nebraska in the Orange Bowl to win its first national championship ever

January 11, 1982 | Pat Putnam
The first Texas touchdown came on a dusted-off quarterback draw that wasn't even in the game plan. It's a wonder the Longhorns remembered how it was supposed to go; the last time they used it was...

January 11, 1982 | Douglas S. Looney
Pitt Quarterback Dan Marino was sitting in a room on the 20th floor of the New Orleans Hilton on New Year's Eve, occasionally gazing out on the lights of a town in celebration and reflecting on...

January 11, 1982 | N. Brooks Clark
Whenever Inside Linebacker Chet Parlavecchio of Penn State wants to relax, he turns to a hobby he has enjoyed since he was six. He plays with toy soldiers. "I've got thousands," he says. "Cowboys...

January 11, 1982 | Craig Neff
Iowa is an old Indian word," Bob Hope said last week. "It means, 'Whatever the hell happened to Michigan and Ohio State?' " That's what NBC, which outbid CBS and paid $8 million to televise...

January 11, 1982 | John Underwood

January 11, 1982 | Jack McCallum
So it's the Bengals against San Diego for the AFC championship in Cincinnati, a city that until Sunday had never hosted a playoff game. The Bengals won that one 28-21 over the Buffalo Bills, who...

January 11, 1982 | Paul Zimmerman
Two weeks and five games of the NFL playoffs were history when the San Francisco 49ers took the field in Candlestick Park against the New York Giants last Sunday and already a pattern had been...

January 11, 1982 | Bruce Newman
All day long Tampa Bay Quarterback Doug Williams had seen the hands coming at him, the big swaddled paws of the Dallas Cowboys' front four, their fingers outstretched against the sky as if to...

January 11, 1982 | Anthony Cotton
Injuries, dissension, even God, seem to be working against the '81 finalists

January 11, 1982 | Barry McDermott
With only one blue-chipper Notre Dame is off to its worst start since '72

January 11, 1982 | Roger Jackson

January 11, 1982 | Roger Jackson
RICKY PIERCE: Rice's 6'5" senior forward had a total of 78 points and 24 rebounds as the Owls stunned Hawaii, San Francisco and North Carolina State to win the Rainbow Classic in Honolulu.

January 11, 1982 | Sam Moses

January 11, 1982 | Jerry Miller
Bill and Tim Wade's secret weapon in the Scrabble wars is an old red cardboard box that originally contained a couple of bottles of wine.

January 11, 1982 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi

January 11, 1982 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi
•Joe DeLamielleure, NFL offensive guard known as a "blue collar" player because he was born in Detroit and has worked for the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns: "My only fear is that they'll...

January 11, 1982
14-17—Heinz Kluetmeier18, 19—John Iacono (top), Walter Iooss Jr. (3)20—Manny Millan21—Paul Kennedy22, 23—Peter Read Miller (top), Andy Hayt24, 25—Richard Mackson26, 27—Ronald C. Modra (top right),...

January 11, 1982
CRAIG VAN HOYTACOMA, WASH.Van Hoy, 23, climbed 14,410-foot Mt. Rainier in five hours and 25 minutes—one hour and 16 minutes faster than the record set in 1959. The route from Paradise via Camp...

January 11, 1982 | Compiled by BRUCE ANDERSON
PRO BASKETBALL—A headline in the Los Angeles Times posed the question: "Are Lakers a Better Team Without Kareem?" Of course not, answered the Times and others. But the issue of how good the...

January 11, 1982 | Edited by Gay Flood
SPORTSMANSir:Sugar Ray—a perfect pick (One Life Fulfilled, Dec. 28-Jan. 4).BRIAN McCARTHYSt. Louis