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March 26, 1984 | Volume 60, Issue 13

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Sam Perkins Cover - Sports Illustrated March 26, 1984

March 26, 1984 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Sentiment would answer coach Ray Meyer of DePaul, but the reality might well be otherwise in the NCAAs

March 26, 1984 | E.M. Swift
Olympic stars Pat LaFontaine and Pat Flatley are lighting up the NHL

March 26, 1984 | J.E. Vader
Although Pat LaFontaine (U.S.) and Pat Flatley (Canada) were undeniably the best players on their respective teams at Sarajevo, the Islanders haven't been the only NHL team to improve itself with...

March 26, 1984 | Craig Neff
Intense, driven Rick Carey, a world record backstroker, goes all out for perfection in everything he does

March 26, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
A country road. A tree. Evening.

March 26, 1984 | Franz Lidz
Sculptor Roy Simmons Jr. followed his dad as Syracuse lacrosse coach and last year won the national title

March 26, 1984 | Jim Kaplan
If you can remember as far back as last December, you may recall that a board game, Trivial Pursuit, was at the top of a lot of Christmas lists. Despite its not-so-trivial price of $30 to $40...

March 26, 1984 | Jack McCallum
The electrifying Edwin Rosario made short work of Roberto Elizondo

March 26, 1984 | John Garrity
In a mystifying slump, Tom Watson is working to master his game again

March 26, 1984 | Joan Ackermann-Blount

March 26, 1984 | Larry McLaren
When Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike Shiner went down with a knee injury during a 1982 preseason football practice, nobody thought it possible that he would return to the Irish in only four...

March 26, 1984 | Dan Levin
This cross-country skiing adventure begins in a New York health club, on a stationary bicycle, the wheel whirring, the spokes flashing, with me, the adventurer, expending my excess energy and...

March 26, 1984
2, 3—Jacqueline Duvoisin4—John Iacono9—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman12—John Dowling (3)14, 15—Rich Clarkson (left), Heinz Kluetmeier16, 17—Richard Mackson (left), Rich Clarkson18, 19—Manny...

March 26, 1984 | Compiled by ARMEN KETEYIAN
PRO BASKETBALL—There was nothing too jazzy about Utah's recent record entering the week: 12 defeats in its last 15 games, including five straight road losses, and a tumble into second place in the...

March 26, 1984
PAUL ARSENAULTPOINTE CLAIRE, QUEBECArsenault, 44, of Concordia University, became the fourth North American college hockey coach to win 500 games. He has guided the Stingers to 17 titles and has a...

March 26, 1984 | Edited by Gay Flood
$40 MILLION QUARTERBACKSir:Jack McCallum's article (The Man with the Golden Arm, March 12) was most instructive concerning Los Angeles Express owner J. William Oldenburg's multimillion-dollar...

March 26, 1984 | John Curtis
Is there a secret to pitching in the major leagues? It's a matter of opinion and every major league pitcher has one. Each has an understanding of pitching that is as original as his handwriting,...

March 26, 1984 | Edited by Franz Lidz

March 26, 1984 | Edited by Franz Lidz
•Frank Kush, coach of the Baltimore Colts, on why he likes to read biographies of Churchill, Mussolini and Hitler: "What intrigues me about all those guys is how they managed people."