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December 10, 1984 | Volume 61, Issue 26

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Michael Jordan Cover - Sports Illustrated December 10, 1984

December 10, 1984 | Gilbert Roland
I had a friend once.He was a bullfighter. A slender man with sad eyes, a sad smile and a long deep scar on his face. There were other scars, but you only saw the one on his face.

December 10, 1984 | Duncan Brantley
As a huge orange sun peeked over the Atlantic's edge, Arthur Smith's voice crackled from the boat's radio. "O.K. now," it drawled, "y'all remember to be back in by 3:30 for weigh-in." Hundreds of...

December 10, 1984 | Compiled by JANE BACHMAN WULF
PRO BASKETBALL—Sixteen games into the season, Boston had still lost only one game. The Atlantic Division-leading Celtics extended their win streak to 10 games by defeating Dallas 114-99, Houston...

December 10, 1984
GREG CARPENTERCINCINNATICarpenter, 20, rolled the highest three-game series, a 288-298-279-865, ever bowled in Cincinnati, in the Men's Suburban League at Stone's Lanes. His total was the 10th...

December 10, 1984 | Edited by Gay Flood
CAPITAL LEADERSSir:I have been a faithful reader of your magazine since 1965, but I have never written a letter to you before. However, when I saw your Nov. 26 cover photograph of President...

December 10, 1984 | Jeremiah Tax
A career in sports is the dream of countless teenagers—now, perhaps, of nearly as many girls as boys—and a shelf of books has been written to foster or discourage the attempt to live that dream....

December 10, 1984 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

December 10, 1984 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Lee Corso, on why he left Northern Illinois to become coach of the USFL's Orlando Renegades: "I promised my wife 27 years ago that I'd take her to Florida."

December 10, 1984 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Judging from an 80-61 loss to the Blue Demons, UCLA, with another new coach, is headed for disaster

December 10, 1984 | Paul Zimmerman
As the Dolphins found out, the Raiders are at their best when their backs are against the wall

December 10, 1984 | Steve Wulf
Rick Sutcliffe is in the easy chair as the Cubs attempt to salvage last season's pitching staff

December 10, 1984 | Alexander Wolff
Rookie Michael Jordan has quickly become Chicago's big wheel and the NBA's big deal at the box office

December 10, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
In September 1983, assistant managing editor Walter Bingham received a concerned call from his cousin, Larry Norton. "Is everything all right with you?" asked Norton.

December 10, 1984 | E.M. Swift
The NHL's Hunter brothers, Dave, Dale and Mark, learned to play hockey the old-fashioned way, from their old-fashioned father, Dick

December 10, 1984 | Roy Blount Jr.
A noted chess analyst and Kremlinologist offers this insider's perspective on the endless battle between Anatoly Karpov (facing camera) and Gary Kasparov

December 10, 1984 | N. Brooks Clark
Revitalized Army rolled over Navy with a prepotent wishbone attack

December 10, 1984 | Franz Lidz
Manute Bol, an import from Sudan, is giving a 7'6" lift to Bridgeport

December 10, 1984 | Roger Jackson

December 10, 1984 | Roger Jackson
JOE CONCHEK: Ohio State's 6'8" senior forward converted 10 of 15 shots from the field, scored a career-high 23 points and had seven rebounds to lead the Buckeyes to an 85-84 upset victory over...

December 10, 1984 | Jill Lieber
Pittsburgh's Louis Lipps gets top marks in the NFL's freshman class

December 10, 1984 | Jill Lieber
Don't expect the Dallas Cowboys to renew the option on their long-running game show, Quarterback Feud. Host Tom Landry, whose own ratings have slipped, will probably trade Danny White or Gary...

December 10, 1984 | Jill Lieber
When Jim Zorn was the Seahawks' starting quarterback from 1976 to 83, he was consumed by football. But since Oct. 28, 1983, when he was replaced by Dave Krieg, Zorn has had more free time....

December 10, 1984 | Jill Lieber
OFFENSE: Seattle quarterback Dave Krieg threw for five touchdowns—including a 51-yarder to Daryl Turner—as he completed 27 of 38 passes in the Seahawks' 38-17 romp over the Lions.

December 10, 1984 | Ron Fimrite
After years of injury and disappointment, Kirk Gibson, Detroit's hot-tempered rightfielder, unleashed his 'potential' and made '84 a season to remember

December 10, 1984 | Herb Howe Jr.
Armed with stopwatches, kickboards and the latest Speedo swim trunks, a growing band of senior citizens rendezvous each morning at swimming pools across America. By churning the once-placid water...