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February 11, 1985 | Volume 62, Issue 6

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Paulina Porizkova Cover - Sports Illustrated February 11, 1985

February 11, 1985 | Franz Lidz

February 11, 1985 | Jule Campbell
The island continent is endowed not only with splendid beaches but also with an intriguing interior, providing a rich and varied backdrop for our annual swimsuit spectacular. Here at Shark Bay on...

February 11, 1985 | Gary Smith

February 11, 1985 | Bruce Newman
Bob Knight made some odd moves, drawing boos from Indiana's fans

February 11, 1985 | Roger Jackson

February 11, 1985 | Roger Jackson
JIM McCAFFREY: The 6'1" Holy Cross junior guard scored 77 points on 28 of 39 shooting, hit 21 of 26 free throws and had 21 assists in the Crusaders' wins over Iona (102-85) and Fairfield (79-71).

February 11, 1985 | William Taaffe
Ted Turner's costly superstation pact with baseball could be a coup

February 11, 1985 | William Taaffe
It was a spectacular early morning in the desert when CBS executive Neal Pilson first expounded the Gospel According To Pilson. He spoke at a press conference at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix....

February 11, 1985 | David Chauner
"July 26, 1922.... I can remember that night as if it was yesterday. The velodrome was on South Orange Avenue, right on the trolley line. My father bought box-seat tickets six weeks in advance for...

February 11, 1985 | Clive Gammon
On the last day of 1984, in the little harbor of Oxford, Md., the rainsqualls whipped at your face. Canada geese, beating south, were only a shade blacker than the sky. The channel markers were...

February 11, 1985 | Alexander Wolff
It looked more like the inside of a pro basketball wax museum than the foyer of a posh suburban New York home. Oscar Robertson waited, motionless in the dim light, while in a corner just across...

February 11, 1985 | Lawrence Maddry
Whoo-uck, whoo-uck, whoo-uck, uck, uck, uck!

February 11, 1985 | Compiled by SANDY KEENAN
PRO BASKETBALL—It took double overtime to do it, but second-place Houston ended Central Division leader Denver's eight-game winning streak with a 131-128 win behind Ralph Sampson's 37 points and...

February 11, 1985
WILLIAM REEDPHILADELPHIAWilliam, a Central High freshman, broke the U.S. high school freshman indoor 600-yard-run record with a time of 1:13.04, finishing second at a meet in Princeton, N.J. The...

February 11, 1985
SUPER BOWL XIXSir:The Niners are the true champions of the NFL (The Niners Were Never Finer, Jan. 28). I was among the doubters as they plowed their way through a marshmallow schedule and two...

February 11, 1985 | Joan O'Brien
There's something less than elegant about a ski instructor wearing a plastic garbage bag around her hips while riding the chair lifts, but Donna Lawlor Barnes of Utah's Deer Valley Resort isn't...

February 11, 1985 | Michael Shapiro
Who goes by the nicknames Meat Bomb and Earthquake, weighs 491 pounds and has chauvinistic Japanese quaking in their geta? A 21-year-old Hawaiian named Salevaa Atisnoe, that's who. Never before...

February 11, 1985 | Robert L. Miller
Looking at the map below, you can almost hear the Qantas koala bear groan, "I hate SI." As a matter of fact, we probably did disturb the reclusive little fellow by dispatching staffers from one...

February 11, 1985 | J. Austin Murphy
Back in the Dark Ages of boxing, before $1 million purses and closed-circuit television, trainer Ray Arcel had a homespun medicament for fighters who were cut during a bout. He'd detach a pinch of...

February 11, 1985 | Robert F. Jones
From a tower overlooking three pairs of small artificial ponds in Laurel, Md., biologists study the feeding behavior of six duck broods, meticulously noting the birds' every move. Farther north,...

February 11, 1985 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

February 11, 1985 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Yogi Berra, New York Yankee manager, after accepting an invitation to dine at the White House this week: "I thought they said steak dinner, but then I found it was a state dinner."

February 11, 1985 | Barry McDermott

February 11, 1985 | Bob Ottum
Brian Boitano gave it his best shot and won the U.S. crown

February 11, 1985 | Curry Kirkpatrick

February 11, 1985 | Sarah Ballard