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July 15, 1985 | Volume 63, Issue 3

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Boris Becker Cover - Sports Illustrated July 15, 1985

July 15, 1985 | Robert W. Creamer

July 15, 1985 | Robert W. Creamer
•George Frazier, Chicago Cubs reliever: "Long relief is like being a plumber. Some days it's O.K., but when 30 septic tanks back up, it's no fun."

July 15, 1985 | Curry Kirkpatrick

July 15, 1985 | Kenny Moore

July 15, 1985 | Jack McCallum

July 15, 1985 | Robert L. Miller
Sports Illustrated traveled to London to cover Boris Becker's historic win at Wimbledon (page 18)—and we made a major bit of history ourselves. For the first time in our 30 years we were able to...

July 15, 1985 | Demmie Stathoplos

July 15, 1985 | Demmie Stathoplos
Abby Fuller rode Mom's Command, her dad's fast filly, to a Triple Crown

July 15, 1985 | Ralph Wiley
Anthony Carter's nine catches put Oakland into the USFL title game

July 15, 1985 | Michael Baughman
When I am on a fishing vacation, I try to begin each day with an early-morning run. A few miles can make a hotel breakfast a deserved pleasure—and can also enhance the sedentary enjoyment of...

July 15, 1985 | Bob Kravitz
Rick Reuschel, unwanted no more, has found a home with the Pirates

July 15, 1985 | Henry Hecht
The Braves trailed the Mets 16-13 with two on and two out in the bottom of the 19th, six hours and 51 minutes after the game's rain-delayed start. Rick Camp, the pitcher who had hit his first...

July 15, 1985 | Henry Hecht
GEORGE BRETT: The Royals' third baseman batted .538 with three doubles, two home runs, a triple, four walks, nine runs scored and 11 RBIs. On July 2 he went 3 for 3 with two three-run homers.

July 15, 1985 | Ivan Maisel
Richie Allen swept into Philadelphia's Connie Mack Stadium in 1964, and before his 14-year career with five teams was over, he had wreaked havoc on opposing pitchers (351 homers) and his own...

July 15, 1985 | Sarah Ballard

July 15, 1985 | Michael Baughman
In the early 1950s I belonged to the Outrigger Canoe Club on Waikiki Beach. In those days Waikiki had only two large hotels, the Royal Hawaiian and Moana. The Outrigger Club was between them, at...

July 15, 1985

July 15, 1985 | Compiled by BAILEY BREENE
BOXING—Undefeated JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ of Mexico retained his WBC junior lightweight championship with a second-round knockout of Roger Mayweather in Las Vegas.

July 15, 1985
ROLLIE'S CHOICESir:I have coached at the high school level for 20 years. Unfortunately, our profession has received a black eye the last few years because of the actions of some of our colleagues,...