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October 14, 1985 | Volume 63, Issue 17

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Eddie Robinson Cover - Sports Illustrated October 14, 1985

October 14, 1985 | Jay Feldman
As its name indicates, Death Valley is not a congenial place. In the summer, temperatures frequently exceed 110° in the shade; ground temperatures of 190° are not uncommon.

October 14, 1985 | Jill Lieber
Joe Gibbs, the Washington Redskins' coach, last week cut one of his alltime favorite players, linebacker and former special teams captain Pete Cronan. A Boston College grad in his eighth season,...

October 14, 1985 | Jill Lieber
Ashley Fletcher is only 20 months old, but she's seeing football up-close and personal. Ashley, the daughter of Bronco defensive end Simon Fletcher, a second-round pick from the University of...

October 14, 1985 | Jill Lieber
Dave Dalby, the Raiders' 34-year-old center, and Jan Stenerud, the Vikings' 42-year-old kicker, are the only active players on the NFL's alltime Top 20 list for consecutive games played. They're...

October 14, 1985 | Jill Lieber
OFFENSE: Quarterback Joe Montana completed a club record 37 of 57 passes for 429 yards and five touchdowns—with no interceptions—as the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Atlanta Falcons 38-17.

October 14, 1985 | Demmie Stathoplos
Vanlandingham caught an off track and won the Jockey Club Gold Cup

October 14, 1985 | William Humphrey

October 14, 1985 | Jay Feldman
There are great catches and there are great catches. Because the entire nation is tuned in, the ones that occur in the World Series are the best remembered: Gionfriddo off DiMaggio in 1947, Mays...

October 14, 1985 | Chuck Bauerlein
Most of Bruce Springsteen's fans know that the Boss is a baseball fan. Springsteen sprinkles his concerts with amusing anecdotes that link the mythology of baseball to the tradition of...

October 14, 1985 | Michael Segell
Last winter when we visited Minnesota, I took my 2½-year-old daughter, Eliza, to see the playground and outdoor hockey rink that I used to play on. The old boxcar warming house had been replaced...

October 14, 1985 | Compiled by DUNCAN BRANTLEY
ARCHERY—RICHARD McKINNEY of the U.S. defeated Koo Je Chong of South Korea 2,601 to 2,592 points and won his third men's world championship, in Seoul, South Korea. IRINA SOLDATOVA of the U.S.S.R....

October 14, 1985

October 14, 1985 | Edited by Gay Flood
WACKER'S WAYSir:At a time when examples of character and integrity have become increasingly elusive in the realm of professional and intercollegiate sport, I find TCU coach Jim Wacker's courageous...

October 14, 1985 | Edited by Robert Sullivan

October 14, 1985 | Edited by Robert Sullivan
•Bill Hill, a hunting guide in Montana's Cabinet Mountains, explaining why he and two others had killed a grizzly in a protected area: "When I saw that bear come smoking down on me, I didn't have...

October 14, 1985 | Paul Zimmerman
It took all of Dan Marino's savvy, increasing game by game, to win out over brilliant Steeler defenses

October 14, 1985 | Ron Fimrite
The Angels came into town on top, but K.C. got to pop the champagne

October 14, 1985 | Craig Neff
Within the space of 16 minutes last Saturday, both ends of the Subway Series were derailed. The St. Louis Cardinals closed out the New York Mets in the NL East with a 7-1 victory over the Cubs,...

October 14, 1985 | Rick Reilly

October 14, 1985 | Robert L. Miller
The hunting story that begins on page 108 isn't your everyday account of a day or two in the field pursuing the elusive little woodcock. It does not begin as you might expect—in a pickup truck,...

October 14, 1985 | Jack Falla

October 14, 1985

October 14, 1985 | Jeremiah Tax
The life-style of the idle rich titillates most of us. But the busy rich are, in truth, far more interesting. Here is Malcolm Forbes, surely one of the richest of men and very likely the busiest,...

October 14, 1985 | E.M. Swift

October 14, 1985 | Jeremiah Tax
The Indy race car is a somewhat faster method of getting around—and around and around—than the hot-air balloon, or the motorcycle, for that matter. And it is the subject of a worthy candidate for...

October 14, 1985 | Sandy Keenan
Severe depression nearly destroyed Brad Cochran of Michigan

October 14, 1985 | Hank Hersch

October 14, 1985 | Hank Hersch
OFFENSE: Sophomore quarterback Todd Santos became Division I-A's most efficient passer by completing 18 of 24 passes for 320 yards and five touchdowns in San Diego State's 41-22 win over Stanford.

October 14, 1985 | Jack McCallum
Bill Walton is not your average Celtic, but the fans are cottoning to him

October 14, 1985 | Henry Hecht
If only all the decisions were as easy as the choice of the NL Cy Young Award winner and the AL MVP. But choose we must, so here goes:

October 14, 1985 | Henry Hecht
PHIL NIEKRO: The Yankees' knuckle-bailer four-hit Toronto 8-0 Sunday to become the 18th 300-game winner and, at 46, the oldest pitcher ever to throw a shutout. He didn't use his knuckler until the...

October 14, 1985 | Henry Hecht
If the first days on his new job as the White Sox executive vice-president of baseball operations were any indication, Ken Harrelson will create many headlines. The Hawk, who two decades ago...

October 14, 1985 | William Taaffe
TV rights to the 1988 Games went to the winner of a lowball auction

October 14, 1985 | Bob Kravitz
Backup QB Babe Laufenberg roamed far and wide to keep his career alive