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March 31, 1986 | Volume 64, Issue 13

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Johnny Dawkins Cover - Sports Illustrated March 31, 1986

March 31, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff

March 31, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Bruce Hurst, Red Sox pitcher, on his team's staff: "We have a lot of pitchers capable of stopping a winning streak."

March 31, 1986
Upstart LSU tamed the Kentucky Wildcats to advance to the Final Four of the NCAA tournament with Louisville, Kansas and Duke

March 31, 1986 | Alexander Wolff
Dale Brown's Tigers upset Tech and Kentucky to get to Big D

March 31, 1986 | Roger Jackson
Louisville cruised past Carolina but had a rough ride with Auburn

March 31, 1986 | Curry Kirkpatrick
With help from a hollering home crowd and a balky clock, Kansas prevailed over Michigan State and N.C. State

March 31, 1986 | Jack McCallum
And ultimately the Blue Devils had the Midshipmen on the deck

March 31, 1986 | E.M. Swift

March 31, 1986 | Bob Kravitz
Washington, instead of swooning as usual, is giving the Flyers a run for the Patrick Division title

March 31, 1986 | Donald J. Barr
Bob Kravitz has a puckish wit and a well-rounded personality—fitting attributes for an SI hockey writer. What's more, he is a former schoolboy and collegiate goalie, and that experience...

March 31, 1986 | Rick Reilly
Though the Angels had sought to edit him out, Reggie Jackson is back in the picture for what he vows will be at least one more socko season

March 31, 1986 | William Nack

March 31, 1986 | Jaime Diaz
Home is a castle for fans of the playoff-bound Sacramento Kings

March 31, 1986 | Douglas S. Looney
Martina Navratilova was in her own orbit in winning the Slims title

March 31, 1986 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 31, 1986 | Armen Keteyian
The first assistant director checked the camera crew and eyed the extras in the stands. "All right, ladies and gentlemen," he boomed through a megaphone, "."

March 31, 1986 | Franz Lidz
The captain of India's Davis Cup team is looking especially lovely just now: hot-chocolate foundation, mint-green eye shadow, a little mascara, Malibu Magic moisturizer, outrageously furry...

March 31, 1986 | Compiled by IVAN MAISEL
ALPINE SKIING—MARC GIRARDELLI of Luxembourg clinched his second straight World Cup overall title and finished with 294 points, 10 more than Switzerland's Pirmin Zurbriggen. MARIA WALLISER of...

March 31, 1986
SCOTT DRAUDCRESTVIEW HILLS, KY.Scott, a 6'2", 165-pound senior guard at Fort Thomas Highlands High, scored 69 points in a 116-95 basketball victory over Holmes High. Twice an all-state selection,...

March 31, 1986 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE GAMBLING SICKNESS (CONT.)Sir:For many years I have been telling anyone who would listen that a series you did in the 1960s on discrimination against black athletes (The Black Athlete—A...