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September 05, 1988 | Volume 69, Issue 10

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated September 05, 1988

September 05, 1988 | Hank Hersch
It won't take long for Don Nehlen to become West Virginia University's winningest coach; he enters the season tied with Art (Pappy) Lewis at 58 victories. Nehlen's Mountaineers should win early...

September 05, 1988 | Jay Jennings
While pro scouts may be fretting about the dearth of high-caliber arms among Division I-A quarterbacks, the forward pass is what the just-a-notch-below division is all about. Leading the air show...

September 05, 1988 | Richard Demak
The NCAA rules committee has twice blessed Texas A & I. First, through Bylaw 5-1-(j), which specifies minimum academic performance, it kept Johnny Bailey—an A & I junior who has rushed for...

September 05, 1988 | Douglas S. Looney

September 05, 1988 | Richard Demak
On Nov. 28, 1987, hope was kindled in the hearts of thousands of college football players. Until that day, players in Division III were correct when they said that they just played for fun, win or...

September 05, 1988 | Kelli Anderson
In September 1963, Norman Manley, a 40-year-old electric designer with Hughes Aircraft in Culver City, Calif., had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hitting a seven-iron on the 168-yard par-3 16th...

September 05, 1988 | Frank Deford

September 05, 1988 | Peter Gammons

September 05, 1988 | Peter Gammons
TIME FOR A SWITCH?At week's end, Braves reserve infielder Jim Morrison was batting .143, but he had pitched 3⅓ scoreless innings as an emergency reliever. "I'm hitting like a pitcher," says...

September 05, 1988 | Bernie Lee
In 1898, Joshua Slocum and Spray made nautical history

September 05, 1988 | Compiled by Roger Jackson
BASEBALL—Yu Chenlung pitched a one-hitter to lead TAI CHUNG, TAIWAN, to a 10-0 rout of Pearl City, Hawaii, and the championship of the 42nd Little League World Series, in Williamsport. Pa. It was...

September 05, 1988
KELLY PETERSONDRAPER, UTAHKelly, 12, a righthanded pitcher and catcher, led the Phillies of the Draper Pony League to a 16-2 record and the Bronco Division championship. He batted .443, with six...

September 05, 1988 | Rev. Timothy S. Healy, S.J.
Freshmen shouldn't play varsity sports, says a college leader

September 05, 1988
As a new college football season begins, all kinds of teams are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Even USC, huddling up here before the '87 game with Cal, could use a few rays.

September 05, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf

September 05, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Jack McKeon, San Diego Padres manager, describing an inning in which his team loaded the bases on a chopper to the first baseman and two bunts: "That was our short-yardage offense."

September 05, 1988 | Pat Putnam
On a late-night visit to a Harlem haberdasher, Mike Tyson had a violent reunion with an old adversary, Mitch Green

September 05, 1988 | Austin Murphy
Once again a well-trained, dynamite team from Taiwan left a U.S. nine far behind at the Little League World Series

September 05, 1988 | Bruce Selcraig
Sports agents Norby Walters and Lloyd Bloom were indicted for racketeering and extortion

September 05, 1988 | Austin Murphy
Minnesota's Dino Ciccarelli went to jail for assaulting a player during an NHL game

September 05, 1988 | Jaime Diaz
Young Eric Meeks hammered Danny Yates, 7 and 6, to win the U.S. Amateur title

September 05, 1988 | Alexander Wolff

September 05, 1988 | Donald J. Barr
Informal surveys have revealed that for the 34 years of SI's existence, most of our preteen readers have been content to leaf through the magazine and look at the pictures. The truly ambitious...

September 05, 1988 | Rick Reilly

September 05, 1988 | Edited by Gay Flood
CHINAAs a member of the Beijing University basketball team during the 1986-87 season, I particularly enjoyed your examination of the development of sports in China (Aug. 15). I agree with William...

September 05, 1988
Backfields are loaded with movers, shakers and game breakers

September 05, 1988 | Douglas S. Looney

September 05, 1988 | Bruce Newman

September 05, 1988 | Austin Murphy
In his senior year at Culver City (Calif.) High, Carnell Lake had a respectable season at tailback, rushing for 965 yards. When you consider that Lake fractured his right elbow in Culver City's...

September 05, 1988 | John Garrity
You Really can't say that Marv Cook grew up in the 19th century, but take a look at his hometown of West Branch, Iowa, with its wooden sidewalks, white latticework and village green. It is the...

September 05, 1988 | Ralph Wiley
Outside Louisiana, people tend to get their quarterbacks mixed up. There are so many of them that it's difficult to sort them out. This season there are all manner of Aikmans, Peetes, Ellises,...

September 05, 1988 | Douglas S. Looney
Changes in the pecking order within the major conferences once tended to be glacial. Which means that millions grew up believing that, in an uncertain world, Michigan and Ohio State could be...