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September 12, 1988 | Volume 69, Issue 11

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Jose Canseco Cover - Sports Illustrated September 12, 1988

September 12, 1988 | Ron Fimrite
When he was tapped by NBC executive producer Michael Weisman to be one of the "Golden Oldies" who will replace the network's Seoul-bound sportscasters during the early weeks of the NFL season, Ray...

September 12, 1988 | Robert S. Welch
In 1966 a freshman high jumper from California arrived at Oregon State in Corvallis, took one look at Dick Fosbury's backward style and laughed. As a high schooler, John Radetich had already...

September 12, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf

September 12, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•George Raveling, Southern Cal basketball coach, on his 69-year-old counterpart at Oregon State, Ralph Miller: "Ralph was a high school All-American, but there weren't a lot of Americans in those...

September 12, 1988 | Paul Zimmerman

September 12, 1988 | Ron Fimrite

September 12, 1988 | Rick Telander

September 12, 1988 | E.M. Swift

September 12, 1988 | E.M. Swift
The USOC, directed by Congress to improve America's showing in the Games, spends but a tiny sliver of its money on direct assistance to athletes.

September 12, 1988 | E.M. Swift
Helmick sits at the top of an unwieldy structure that embraces too many groups having little or nothing to do with identifying and developing Olympic athletes.

September 12, 1988 | E.M. Swift
The national governing body for swimming is fairly typical of the larger NGBs: It doesn't do much better than the USOC in getting money directly to athletes.

September 12, 1988 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE TRADEIt took me awhile to appreciate the Edmonton Oilers (Woe, Canada, Aug. 22), but when I realized that I was witnessing the rare combination of the greatest player ever in the sport, Wayne...

September 12, 1988 | Merrell Noden
After hurdling many an obstacle, Roger Kingdom hopes to win more Olympic gold and prove 1984 was no fluke

September 12, 1988 | Clive Gammon

September 12, 1988 | Curry Kirkpatrick

September 12, 1988 | Robert Sullivan
Olympic bike racer Inga Benedict wakes up and doesn't feel like training, so she doesn't. She hops on one of her two motorcycles and heads for the roads around Reno. A few hours later she returns...

September 12, 1988 | Peter Gammons

September 12, 1988 | Peter Gammons
FAT ISN'T BEAUTIFULThe Mets claim that lefthander Sid Fernandez, who weighs 240 pounds, has gained 15 pounds since spring training, and that's why he's having knee problems. "Sid isn't out of...

September 12, 1988 | Penny Ward Moser

September 12, 1988 | Kenny Moore

September 12, 1988 | Compiled By Jay Jennings
BOXING—MELDRICK TAYLOR won the IBF junior welterweight title with a TKO of Buddy McGirt in the final round of their 12-round fight, in Atlantic City.

September 12, 1988
MICHAEL SCAPEROTTIPAWLING, N.Y.Michael, 16, a junior at Pawling High, won the club championship at the Harlem Valley Golf Course in Wingdale, N.Y. He was the youngest of 16 competitors. He...

September 12, 1988 | Peter Gammons
A bad schedule mars American League stretch runs