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September 19, 1988 | Volume 69, Issue 13

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Steffi Graf Cover - Sports Illustrated September 19, 1988

September 19, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf

September 19, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Juan Agosto, Houston Astro relief pitcher, on returning to Chicago, where he used to pitch for the White Sox: "I never heard my last name here. Every time the announcer would say 'Juan...,' the...

September 19, 1988 | Curry Kirkpatrick

September 19, 1988 | Sarah Ballard
San Diego's swift catamaran turned the America's Cup into a major mismatch

September 19, 1988 | Rick Telander

September 19, 1988 | Peter Gammons

September 19, 1988 | Pat Putnam

September 19, 1988 | Donald J. Barr
Writer-reporter Bruce Anderson has been on the run, literally. In June, as part of a hands-across-the-sea arrangement between The Korea Times and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Anderson took up residence in...

September 19, 1988 | Paul Zimmerman

September 19, 1988 | William Oscar Johnson

September 19, 1988 | Jill Lieber
I live my life in the fast lane, and I always have. I drink too much. I party too much. I drive too fast, and I'm hell on quarterbacks.—LAWRENCE TAYLORLT: Living on the Edge

September 19, 1988 | Peter Gammons

September 19, 1988 | Peter Gammons
THE NEVER-ENDING SEASONWhen Indians coach and storyteller extraordinaire Charlie Manuel played in Japan from 1976 to '81, the teams were relentless about making up rainouts. "If the games weren't...

September 19, 1988 | Hank Hersch

September 19, 1988 | Hank Hersch
OFFENSE: In his first start for Utah, sophomore quarterback Scott Mitchell completed 26 of 44 passes for a school-record 511 yards as the Utes defeated Idaho State 41-16. Carl Harry caught all...

September 19, 1988 | Fred Waitzkin

September 19, 1988 | William Taaffe
An antidish campaign has sportscasters up in arms

September 19, 1988 | Compiled By J.E. Vader
PRO FOOTBALL—The Jets ended a five-game regular-season losing streak by taking advantage of the black-and-blue Browns. Ken O'Brien passed for 256 yards, Roger Vick rushed for two touchdowns and...

September 19, 1988
MIKE MANLEYN. LITTLE ROCK, ARK.Manley, 25, set a world record when he landed a 38-pound, 9-ounce male German brown trout at McClellan's Trout Dock, on the North Fork River. He used a number 16...

September 19, 1988 | E.M. Swift
Hey, corporate America, Olympic athletes need work

September 19, 1988 | Edited by Gay Flood
PREFERRED SPORTWhat a relief! I was a closet baseball hater and was afraid to admit it; that is, until I read Rick Reilly's POINT AFTER (Aug. 29). Now I can 'fess up and not feel guilty. I've...