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March 20, 1989 | Volume 70, Issue 12

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Jimmy Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated March 20, 1989

March 20, 1989 | Jill Lieber

March 20, 1989 | Alexander Wolff
Big East champ Georgetown is doubly blessed in the pivot

March 20, 1989 | William F. Reed
Arkansas, Alabama and Illinois waltzed to wins against conference rivals

March 20, 1989 | William Nack

March 20, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff

March 20, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Bucky Waters, NBC and USA Network basketball commentator, after watching Mikhail Baryshnikov act in a production of Kafka's Metamorphosis at Duke: "Baryshnikov was great, but the play needs a...

March 20, 1989 | Shannon Brownlee
The two leadoff wrestlers for Penn State may be small, but they're no lightweights

March 20, 1989 | Compiled by Sally Guard
PRO BASKETBALL—Three days of rest and 65% fourth-quarter shooting helped the Atlantic Division-leading Knicks to a lopsided 25th straight home victory, 114-95 over the Pacers, though Indiana's...

March 20, 1989
NATHAN RESCHGOLETA, CALIF.Nathan, 13, set three Southern California age-group swim records as he placed first in five events, second in three and third in one at a meet. His records were in the...

March 20, 1989 | Curry Kirkpatrick
This national tourney requires abecedarian analysis

March 20, 1989 | John Feinstein
The ACC tournament was a series of routs until North Carolina won its grudge match with Duke in the final

March 20, 1989 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Transcending a troubled season, Missouri beat Oklahoma to win the Big Eight tournament

March 20, 1989 | Paul Zimmerman

March 20, 1989 | Pat Putnam
Evander Holyfield KO'd Michael Dokes and earned a title bout with the champ

March 20, 1989 | William Nack
In yet another lucrative fight for over-the-hill guys, Macho Camacho narrowly beat Boom Boom Mancini

March 20, 1989 | Austin Murphy
Motown's Steve Yzerman, the NHL's third-brightest star, could climb even higher on the charts

March 20, 1989 | Jason McManus
This space normally belongs to the editor and publisher of the magazine you hold in your hands, used by them to point with pride to particular stories and introduce you to the people who created...

March 20, 1989 | Hank Hersch

March 20, 1989 | Edited by Gay Flood
BENJI RAMIREZThe Death of an Athlete (Feb. 20) is another sad story about a young man who thought anabolic steroids were going to lead him to the promised land. When are teenage athletes going to...

March 20, 1989 | Jack McCallum