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August 28, 1989 | Volume 71, Issue 9

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Chris Evert Cover - Sports Illustrated August 28, 1989

August 28, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff

August 28, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Dan Freiburger, freshman quarterback at SMU, upon seeing the Mustangs' newly refurbished locker room: "Look at this place. They treat us like pros here."

August 28, 1989 | Merrell Noden
Two of track's oldest individual world marks fell in European meets as Roger Kingdom and Said Aouita erased two revered names from the record books

August 28, 1989 | Peter King
On Saturday in Chicago, Jim McMahon got a warm goodbye from Bears fans and put some fire into his new Chargers

August 28, 1989 | Steve Wulf

August 28, 1989

August 28, 1989 | Douglas S. Looney

August 28, 1989 | Rick Telander

August 28, 1989 | Rick Telander
BOBBY VALENTINE"A lot of pitchers have been emotional, but there's a difference between being emotional and being a jerk."

August 28, 1989
ALUMINUM BATSIn your article about the disappearing wooden bat (End of an Era, July 24), an engineer for the Hillerich & Bradsby company said that aluminum bats can have the same basic...

August 28, 1989 | Jill Lieber

August 28, 1989 | Michael Jaffe
Arnold Toynbee defined history as fortuitous flux. Events, large and small, he said, occur by chance. O.K., I'll buy that. But what about the old adage: "What goes around comes around"? That's an...

August 28, 1989 | John Garrity
Great Britain and Ireland held on to upset the U.S. and carry home the Walker Cup

August 28, 1989 | Pat Putnam
Pernell Whitaker thrashed José Luis Ramírez

August 28, 1989 | Peter Gammons

August 28, 1989 | Peter Gammons
WELCOME TO THE SHOWTiger manager Sparky Anderson approached the mound to remove rookie pitcher Brian DuBois in the seventh inning of a game with the Yankees on Aug. 17. DuBois, who was trailing...

August 28, 1989 | Chris Evert

August 28, 1989 | Jack McCallum
Our travelers learn that croquet is scarcely a picnic

August 28, 1989 | Compiled by Sarah B. Schmidt
ARENA FOOTBALL—The DETROIT DRIVE won its second straight league championship, beating the Pittsburgh Gladiators 39-26 in Detroit. Despite throwing five interceptions, Drive quarterback Tony Burris...

August 28, 1989
ALLAN AGUILARANAHEIM, CALIF.Allan, 12, a righthander who plays for the A's of the Anaheim Pony Bronco League, struck out 21 and went 4 for 4 in a 7-0 victory over the Yankees. He has a .663...

August 28, 1989 | Martina Navratilova
No one will miss Chris Evert more than her chief rival