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November 13, 1989 | Volume 71, Issue 20

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Deion Sanders Cover - Sports Illustrated November 13, 1989

November 13, 1989 | J.E. Vader
Ask Christie Green why she is an Olympic-style weightlifter and a fleeting look of panic will appear in her eyes. Then she will giggle and look at her father. Ask her anything about her sport and...

November 13, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff

November 13, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Steve Alvarez, ABC sportscaster, on Ohio State's mammoth offensive linemen: "When they go into a restaurant, they don't look at a menu. They get an estimate."

November 13, 1989 | Austin Murphy

November 13, 1989 | William Nack

November 13, 1989 | Pat Putnam
No. 1 heavyweight contender Evander Holyfield got mad, and then he got Alex Stewart

November 13, 1989 | Edited by Gay Flood
REASON TO PAUSEThat Jet running back Freeman McNeil would feel deep remorse after pulverizing an opposing player's knee, thereby ending that player's season and perhaps his career, is laudable...

November 13, 1989 | Paul Zimmerman
Keyed by a behemoth line, the Giants pounded Phoenix into submission with their version of futuristic football

November 13, 1989 | Merrell Noden
Outrunning a cosmopolitan crowd, Juma Ikangaa of Tanzania won the New York City Marathon

November 13, 1989 | Curry Kirkpatrick

November 13, 1989 | Merrell Noden
It's a sweltering Indian summer day in Bloomington, and the rolling fields around the University of Indiana golf course are dry—and brick hard. The only hint that this is the cross-country season...

November 13, 1989 | Jay Greenberg

November 13, 1989 | Jack McCallum
David Robinson, now a Navy reservist, torpedoed the Lakers in his victorious debut

November 13, 1989 | Peter King

November 13, 1989 | Peter King
Q: Which will be the scariest team in the second half of the season?

November 13, 1989 | Peter King
Much has been made of the 49ers' success on the road. Since 1981 they have gone 51-14-1 away from home, including a 6-0 record this year. One factor that certainly hasn't hurt is that they travel...

November 13, 1989 | William F. Reed

November 13, 1989 | William F. Reed
OFFENSE: Cal State-Fullerton running back Mike Pringle, a senior, rushed for 352 yards—five short of the Division I single-game record—on 31 carries, and scored touchdowns of 59, three and 11...

November 13, 1989 | Leigh Montville

November 13, 1989 | Compiled by Stefanie Scheer
PRO BASKETBALL—Playing on surgically repaired heels, Larry Bird led the Celtics in points (32) and minutes (33) in their season opener, a 127-114 defeat of the Bucks. In Boston's second game, with...

November 13, 1989
JEFF WNUKWEST ALLIS, WIS.Jeff, 15, won a national weightlifting title in the 97-pound division for ages 13-14 at the AAU Junior Olympic Games, in San Antonio. He snatched 99.21 pounds and lifted...

November 13, 1989 | Steve Wulf
The best thing about baseball 1989 is that it's over