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December 18, 1989 | Volume 71, Issue 26

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Magic Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated December 18, 1989

December 18, 1989 | Leigh Montville
Bring on the Brinks truck, boys—Babe Ruth is a free agent

December 18, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff

December 18, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Ed Temple, who has coached eight women's Olympic track gold medalists during his 38 years at Tennessee State: "I'm the only man alive whose wife approves of him going around with fast women."

December 18, 1989 | Curry Kirkpatrick

December 18, 1989 | Pat Putnam
Sugar Ray Leonard, 33, beat Roberto Duran, 38, in a fight dedicated to posterity

December 18, 1989 | Paul Zimmerman
Even in defeat, the Broncos showed why they're the AFC's best hope for the Super Bowl

December 18, 1989 | Kenny Moore

December 18, 1989 | Jay Greenberg
Led by a new star, Pierre Turgeon, a surprising but confident Buffalo has taken over the NHL's top spot

December 18, 1989 | Rick Reilly

December 18, 1989 | Mike D'Orso
It was six hours before my flight would leave for Portugal, and I was finishing my packing, searching for a spot to stuff my basketball. Actually, my Wilson Pro 1000 hardly looked like a...

December 18, 1989 | Merrell Noden
Most of the books born of the running boom have been upbeat—even smug—accounts of fulfillment through exercise. Emphatically, that is not the case with Dark Marathon: The Mary Wazeter Story...

December 18, 1989 | Sam Moses
When Dorothy Hester Stenzel was 17, in 1927, she was a shy blue-eyed blonde who had a way with a biplane. At 21 she was barnstorming the Midwest and Southwest, performing aerobatics at air-shows...

December 18, 1989 | Geoffrey Norman
The competition was more than an hour away, but many of the contestants had already arrived and were warming up vigorously. Most of them sat in a section of bleachers at one end of a large arena...

December 18, 1989 | Edited by Gay Flood

December 18, 1989 | Jack McCallum

December 18, 1989 | Tim Crothers
Season after season, coach Bob Hurley finds it increasingly difficult to kid his kids. Hurley, who is a Hudson County (N.J.) probation officer eight hours a day and the leader of Jersey City's St....

December 18, 1989 | Tim Kurkjian

December 18, 1989 | Peter King

December 18, 1989 | Peter King

December 18, 1989 | Peter King
Oilers at Bengals. The Bengals hate the Oilers. They think coach Jerry Glanville's boys are a dirty, fight-starting bunch. Last year, in the Oilers' 41-6 rout of the Bengals at the Astrodome,...

December 18, 1989 | William F. Reed

December 18, 1989 | William F. Reed
MEN: Tracy Shelton, a 6-foot sophomore guard for West Virginia, scored 36 points on 12-of-24 shooting—including 6 of 10 three-pointers—in a 97-93 double OT upset of Pittsburgh. Shelton also had 23...

December 18, 1989 | Richard Demak

December 18, 1989 | Joe Wise
Hoops for the 45-and-over set isn't the game you know

December 18, 1989 | Douglas S. Looney

December 18, 1989 | Shannon Brownlee

December 18, 1989 | Nicholas Dawidoff
Colorado digs honor WW II'S 10th Mountain Division

December 18, 1989 | Compiled by Stefanie Scheer
PRO BASKETBALL—The Spurs and the Jazz took over coleadership of the Midwest Division from the Nuggets: Utah used a strong defense to defeat the Cavs 94-80, the Mavs 107-97 and the Rockets 104-90...

December 18, 1989
CHAD SATTLERLAMOINE, MAINEChad, a senior striker for Ellsworth High, scored all the goals as the 16-0-1 Eagles shut out Orono High 4-0 to win their sixth consecutive Class B Eastern Maine soccer...