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April 23, 1990 | Volume 72, Issue 17

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Tomas Sandstrom Cover - Sports Illustrated April 23, 1990

April 23, 1990
HANK GATHERSThank you for the recent articles about Hank Gathers (Death on the Court, March 12, A Team on a Mission, March 26), Now we will never get to see No. 44 play with the Barkleys and the...

April 23, 1990 | Demmie Stathoplos
The people who helped create the new Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville are the first to tell you they didn't know a fetlock from a furlong when they undertook the project. "The fatal mistake...

April 23, 1990 | Richard O'Brien
When it came to putting boxing on film, Thomas Edison had the right idea. Ninety-six years ago the inventor set up his kinetoscope in a laboratory in West Orange, N.J., and cranked away as world...

April 23, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff

April 23, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Ed Nealy, the Chicago Bulls' recently married forward, discussing the prospects of one day becoming a father: "I told my wife I shouldn't pick up the baby until it is five years old. You know how...

April 23, 1990 | Jay Greenberg

April 23, 1990 | Peter Gammons

April 23, 1990 | Alexander Wolff
Steffi Graf came back a winner after being winsome during a two-month layoff

April 23, 1990 | Steve Rushin
Gary Player slew some other giants to win the PGA Seniors

April 23, 1990 | Merrell Noden
Gelindo Bordin of Italy capitalized on a blazing pace to prevail in Boston

April 23, 1990 | Richard Hoffer
IBF middleweight champ Michael Nunn won ugly

April 23, 1990 | Austin Murphy
Shawn Bradley was just one of many who stood tall at the McDonald's all-star game

April 23, 1990 | Peter King
To the coaches and scouts gathered in the San Francisco 49er draft headquarters on the evening of April 29, 1986, it must have seemed that Bill Walsh had lost his marbles. At around 8 p.m., Walsh,...

April 23, 1990 | Paul Zimmerman
Never has there been so much talk about doing the sort of trading down that Bill Walsh did so well in the 1986 draft. The Chargers are considering dealing their No. 5 pick for a package of draft...

April 23, 1990 | Sam Moses
Lester Moreno Perez fled Cuba by boardsailing toward Florida under cover of darkness

April 23, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian

April 23, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian
THE FROSTY CITYOn Opening Day at Wrigley Field, where the Cubs faced the Phillies, the temperature dropped to 36° and the windchill factor made it seem like 8°. When asked if his team expected to...

April 23, 1990 | Richard Hoffer

April 23, 1990 | Jessica Nicoll
In 1939, the Splendid Splinter befriended my dad

April 23, 1990
NICOLE CAMPBELLRALEIGH, N.C.Nicole, now 11, set three girls' state 10-and-under swimming records, with clockings of 29.17 in the 50-yard butterfly, 1:06.35 in the 100 butterfly and 27.49 in the 50...

April 23, 1990 | Compiled by Tim Crothers
PRO BASKETBALL—Don't look now, but with one week left in the NBA regular season, the Celtics had won six in a row and trailed the first-place 76ers by only 1½ games in the battle for the Atlantic...

April 23, 1990 | Rick Telander
Letting college juniors into the NFL draft was overdue