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October 07, 1991 | Volume 75, Issue 15

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Bobby Hebert Cover - Sports Illustrated October 07, 1991

October 07, 1991 | Franz Lidz
The next wave in amusement is a something called "virtual reality," and it has already arrived in Chicago

October 07, 1991 | Jay Feldman
The American composer Charles Ives was as much a fan of baseball as he was of Beethoven or Bach

October 07, 1991 | Arthur St. Antoine
Champion go-karter Rich Hearn scraped together tuition for a French driving school, where he majored in chasing a Grand Prix ride

October 07, 1991 | Edited by Michael Jaffe
LostHis first NASCAR race in his last seven starts, Harry Gant, who finished 1.5 seconds behind winner Dale Earnhardt in a Winston Cup event at the North Wilkesboro (N.C.) Speedway. Although Gant...

October 07, 1991
Ellen McCoyST. PAULMcCoy, a 71-year-old grandmother of five, ran the second fastest marathon ever for an American woman over 70. She was clocked in 4:13:28 for the Grandma's Marathon from Two...

October 07, 1991 | Leigh Montville
If the professionalized U.S. Olympic basketball team loses, this writer wants to be there

October 07, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak

October 07, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
[Thumb Up] To the Plainfield (Ind.) Middle School, for maintaining a no-cut policy on its cheer-leading squad, as well as on most of its athletic teams. Of the school's 800 students, 73 are...

October 07, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Tom Hughes, disc jockey for WGST-AM in Atlanta, telling listeners about an imaginary new Dominique Wilkins Highway: "That's the one with all the No Passing signs."

October 07, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Marching bands are as much a part of college football as the weekly rankings, so we asked two college band directors, Florida State's Pat Dunnigan and Jackson State's Edward Duplessis, plus Dallas...

October 07, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Twenty-year-old Wayne Gretzky appeared on the cover of our Oct. 12, 1981, issue, the hockey preview. Gretzky had just won his second MVP award, but St. Louis Blues coach Red Berenson warned that...

October 07, 1991 | Ed Hinton

October 07, 1991 | John Garrity

October 07, 1991 | Sally Jenkins

October 07, 1991 | Steve Rushin
It is even lonelier at the bottom than at the top, as the hapless Cleveland Indians can attest

October 07, 1991 | Jack Cavanaugh
When catcher Mickey Owen did so in 1941, he made baseball history

October 07, 1991 | Ashby Harper
With sharks in mind, the author ventured across the Santa Barbara Channel

October 07, 1991 | Michael Sokolove
The Long Knockers Driving Range, in Philadelphia, is one urbanite's field of dreams

October 07, 1991
End Zone ReactionsApparently Curry Kirkpatrick thinks that the ideals of good sportsmanship and class are outdated (The No Fun League, Sept. 2). If he wants to watch moonwalking, funky chickens,...

October 07, 1991 | Jay Greenberg

October 07, 1991 | Jay Greenberg

October 07, 1991 | E.M. Swift

October 07, 1991 | William F. Reed
The Defense Rests

October 07, 1991 | William F. Reed
OFFENSEJamie Martin, a junior quarterback for Division I-AA Weber State, completed 33 of 51 passes for 440 yards and seven TDs, including the game-winner with 0:16 left, in a 63-59 defeat of...

October 07, 1991 | Peter King
Deanja Vu

October 07, 1991 | Peter King
Offensive Linespeak

October 07, 1991 | Peter King
It's His Call to Make

October 07, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian
And the Last Became First

October 07, 1991 | Tom Junod

October 07, 1991 | Tom Junod
Last week, in a front-page story in the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, Eric Ramsey, a former Auburn defensive back who in June had charged the Tiger football program with racism, launched a new...