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March 09, 1992 | Volume 76, Issue 9

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Kathy Ireland Cover - Sports Illustrated March 09, 1992

March 09, 1992 | E.M. Swift
Slighted by NHL scouts, the Hartford Whalers' high-scoring John Cullen is now hard to overlook

March 09, 1992 | Gary Smith
Novice bullfighter Cristina Sánchez intends to show Spain's male matadors that the bullring is not their exclusive domain

March 09, 1992 | Kenny Moore

March 09, 1992 | Phil Taylor

March 09, 1992 | Pat Putnam
Amateurs at the U.S. Championships had to adapt to a new computerized scoring system

March 09, 1992 | Jack McCallum

March 09, 1992 | Phil Taylor
Back on Their Heels

March 09, 1992 | Phil Taylor
MENUSC's Harold Miner, a 6'5" junior guard, scored 29 points and pulled down 13 rebounds, both game highs, as the Trojans completed only their second sweep of UCLA in 50 years with an 83-79 win.

March 09, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf

March 09, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
[Thumb Up]To Mike Williams, an Eskimo competitor in this year's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, for dedicating his entry to the cause of sobriety for Eskimos and other Native Americans, who as a...

March 09, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Singer Neil Diamond recently attended a Bulls game at Chicago Stadium, and naturally, he wanted some souvenirs. He bought one $1,000 jacket, three $300 jackets, 22 $150 jackets, 92 $65 sweatshirts...

March 09, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Wimp Sanderson, Alabama basketball coach, on lasting 32 years at the school: "I've been here so long that when I got here, the Dead Sea wasn't even sick."

March 09, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
That's Lena Kansbod on our "Zowie, it's Maui!" swimsuit issue of Jan. 24, 1977. Once readers got through the pictures of Hawaii, they were treated to a feature on lefthanders, one of whom was Will...

March 09, 1992 | Nicholas Dawidoff

March 09, 1992 | Rick Reilly

March 09, 1992 | Ken McAlpine

March 09, 1992 | John Garrity
Two books offer a historical view of women competing in traditionally male sports

March 09, 1992 | Edited by Richard O'Brien
Fenech folds Down Under...The son also falls...A big scare for the Stilt

March 09, 1992

March 09, 1992 | Rick Telander
UNLV sold its soul for basketball glory, and Jerry Tarkanian is holding the school to the deal

March 09, 1992 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 09, 1992 | Merrell Noden
Olympic aspirants made strong showings at the Mobil meet

March 09, 1992 | Hank Hersch

March 09, 1992 | John Garrity

March 09, 1992 | John Pepanek
Looking back, our mistake was to confuse Julie Andrews with Willard Scott. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. Yes, O.K., of course. Once we decided to photograph our annual swimsuit...

March 09, 1992 | Alexander Wolff

March 09, 1992 | John Steinbreder
The National Football League has a big winner in its marketing and licensing arm

March 09, 1992 | William Oscar Johnson
Katrin Krabbe and two other track stars were banned for drug-testing improprieties they hotly deny

March 09, 1992 | Tim Kurkjian

March 09, 1992 | Jack McCallum

March 09, 1992 | Franz Lidz

March 09, 1992 | Albert Kim
Scores of board-game freaks flocked to upstate New York for the seventh-annual U.S. Go Congress

March 09, 1992 | Glen Craney
In basketball-crazy Indiana the Nostalgia Sectionals pit old high school rivals against each other

March 09, 1992 | Leo W. Banks
El Tour de Tucson, a race around the city's perimeter, draws cyclists in droves

March 09, 1992 | Leigh Montville

March 09, 1992
Anticipating the Olympics in Barcelona, we travel to Spain for our own

March 09, 1992
Seattle MarinersCongratulations to Steve Wulf for his excellent article on the efforts to sell the Seattle Mariners to an ownership group headed by a Japanese businessman (An Outside Pitch, Feb....