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November 30, 1992 | Volume 77, Issue 23

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Shaquille O'Neal Cover - Sports Illustrated November 30, 1992

November 30, 1992 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
Uniformly Uninformed

November 30, 1992 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Paul Ladewski of Chicago's South-town Economist, on erratic Cleveland Cavalier guard Gerald Wilkins: "He has never taken a shot that he couldn't miss."

November 30, 1992 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Jason Bossard, Michigan basketball guard, marveling over the generous size of the shrimp the Wolverines were served in Milan during a preseason European swing: "They brought us crayfish on steroids."

November 30, 1992 | Jack McCallum
NBA rookie sensation Shaquille O'Neal brought his 7'1" act to New York last weekend, where he took in the sights, charmed the locals and then did battle with the Knicks and Patrick Ewing

November 30, 1992
Washington State, whose C.J. Davis is shown here being driven out of bounds by Washington's Shane Pahukoa (21), plowed to a 42-23 upset victory in this flakiest of rivalries.

November 30, 1992 | Austin Murphy

November 30, 1992 | E.M. Swift

November 30, 1992 | Mark Mulvoy
Ancient legend tells of a Persian farmer who set off to find a field of diamonds that would make him rich. The farmer searched the world in vain, grew despondent and died before he could return...

November 30, 1992 | Jon Scher
No Gretzky? No problem. Rookie coach Barry Melrose has L.A. winning anyway

November 30, 1992 | Jill Lieber

November 30, 1992 | Lisa Twyman Bessone
Sports fans know that the strains of 'Rock and Roll Part II' can turn chumps to champs

November 30, 1992 | Steve Hymon
Heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe fancies himself a humorist, but he's dead serious about living up to his nickname: Big Daddy

November 30, 1992 | William F. Reed
Here are our choices for the best, the worst and the goofiest of the 1992 season. Some of the awards are serious and some aren't. See if you can tell which are which.

November 30, 1992 | William F. Reed
OFFENSEPacific's Ryan Benjamin, a senior, rushed for 239 yards on 23 carries, caught five passes for 59 yards, ran back four kickoffs for 80 yards and returned three punts for 24 yards in a 38-35...

November 30, 1992 | Peter King

November 30, 1992 | Peter King
Long a Bastion of star quarterbacks, the AFC is beginning to lose the arms race. Through 11 games this season, NFC passers have a surprisingly large lead over their AFC counterparts in most...

November 30, 1992

November 30, 1992 | Sam Lardner
At one time extinct in the area, Atlantic salmon have been seen spawning in a Connecticut river

November 30, 1992 | Steve Hymon
Sergei Kobozev hopes to make a name for himself as a fighter in the United States

November 30, 1992
Dream TeamsI was elated to receive the special issue SPORTS ILLUSTRATED CLASSIC (Fall 1992). I'm sure you will receive an unbelievable amount of mail concerning each sport's Dream Team (The...

November 30, 1992 | Sally Jenkins
Monica Seles easily defeated Martina Navratilova in a telling year-end finale

November 30, 1992 | Tim Kurkjian
Why did the Phillies protect shortstop Juan Bell, who, according to one American League general manager, was the major league's worst player in 1992, while the White Sox didn't protect his...

November 30, 1992 | Franz Lidz

November 30, 1992 | Sydney Lea

November 30, 1992 | Franz Lidz
Can bouncing on a floating trampoline really massage the memory?

November 30, 1992 | Dan Peterson

November 30, 1992 | William F. Reed
College football players are demanding a say, and coaches ignore them at their own risk

November 30, 1992
Todd PollackRYE, N.Y.Todd, a senior at Brunswick School, as of last Friday completed 62 of 123 pass attempts, threw for 1,040 yards and 18 TDs and rushed 48 times for 356 yards and three TDs while...