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December 06, 1993 | Volume 79, Issue 23

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated December 06, 1993

December 06, 1993

December 06, 1993 | Edited by Jack McCallum
No Tears for Tigers

December 06, 1993 | Edited by Jack McCallum
Casual American soccer fans (Cynical Europeans would suggest that there is no other kind) are aware that the World Cup is coming to the United States in June 1994 and know that the U.S. has...

December 06, 1993 | Edited by Jack McCallum
In the course of her career, Cuban middle-distance star Ana Quirot (above, 192) has won an Olympic bronze medal and four Pan-Am Games gold medals and run the third-fastest women's 800 meters in...

December 06, 1993 | Edited by Jack McCallum
•Paul Thompson, president of Weber State College, on the possibility that his school may drop football because of financial problems: "There are more important things on this campus than football....

December 06, 1993 | Peter King

December 06, 1993 | William Oscar Johnson
Bit players upstaged stars at the World Cup in Utah

December 06, 1993 | Steve Wulf
Fleeing their troubled homeland, more than three dozen Cubans defected during a competition in Puerto Rico

December 06, 1993 | Phil Taylor

December 06, 1993 | Austin Murphy

December 06, 1993 | Mark Mulvoy
To paraphrase Ethel Merman, there's no business like SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S business. And no one is more attuned to that than SI's editorial business manager, Judith Turner, who's in charge of...

December 06, 1993 | Ian Thomsen

December 06, 1993 | Richard Hoffer
It was a Rookie mistake. Meeting with her players for the first time on Sept. 2, just hours after she had been announced as USC's women's basketball coach, Cheryl Miller said, "Any questions?"

December 06, 1993 | Tim Crothers
When Dale Hunter finally traded in his convict's stripes for Washington Capital stars and stripes, he didn't exactly look as if he had been scared straight. Last Friday night, after serving an...

December 06, 1993 | Merrell Noden
Todd Williams has decorated his house in Knoxville, Tenn., in Pre. Not pre-colonial, not Pre-Raphaelite, but just plain Pre, as in Steve Prefontaine, the feisty runner who took with him much of...

December 06, 1993 | Peter King

December 06, 1993 | William F. Reed

December 06, 1993 | William F. Reed
OFFENSEWyoming's Ryan Yarborough, a senior wide receiver, caught 10 passes for 217 yards, including TD receptions of 38, 47 and 5 yards, in a 43-38 defeat of San Diego State.

December 06, 1993
The World SeriesOne glance at your Nov. 1 cover photo of Toronto hero Joe Carter and I was blinking away the tears. Deep inside, we all yearn to experience the elation Carter felt after his...

December 06, 1993 | Alexander Wolff
Top-ranked North Carolina stumbled in the NIT, paving the way for a Kansas victory

December 06, 1993 | E.M. Swift

December 06, 1993 | Leigh Montville
In picking college football's No. 1 team, there are two, even three, sides to every argument