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January 10, 1994 | Volume 80, Issue 1

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated January 10, 1994

January 10, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
A Vote for Character

January 10, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
"It was like the four-minute mile being broken for the first time." That's how Eric Cornell, director of the monthly king-of-the-hill tournament at Riverbend Bowl in Corunna, Mich., put it after...

January 10, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
The Boston indoor sports scene, once personified by the wonderfully unpredictable and eccentric Boston Garden, may soon be dominated by a new $700 million convention center and indoor stadium...

January 10, 1994 | Edited by Jack McCallum
•Frank Kerns, Georgia Southern basketball coach, analyzing himself and his Eagles after an 80-76 loss to Cornell: "I am the worst coach of the worst Division I basketball team in the country."

January 10, 1994 | Rick Reilly

January 10, 1994
In a thorny Rose Bowl moment far UCLA, receiver J.J. Stokes was upended by Wisconsin's Yusef Burgess during the fourth quarter of the Badgers' 21-16 victory.

January 10, 1994 | William F. Reed
It was easy to spot Lee Becton on the Notre Dame campus during his freshman and sophomore years. He was the guy who always carried a football with him, even when he went to class, because he was...

January 10, 1994 | Bruce Newman
When late-blooming Tedy Bruschi began his football career in high school, he was so innocent of the game's conventions that he put on his shoulder pads over his jersey. Bruschi's family had just...

January 10, 1994 | Sally Jenkins
Terry Dean hopes he won't get benched in the competition for a Rhodes scholarship. Dean, Florida's oft-sidelined quarterback, intends to apply for one of the coveted scholarships to Oxford next...

January 10, 1994 | Phil Taylor
Sir Charles and the Suns don't mind being overshadowed in the early season. They've learned that the late going is what matters

January 10, 1994 | Paul Zimmerman
Though injured, Emmitt Smith was nearly the whole show in Dallas's OT win over New York

January 10, 1994 | Mark Mulvoy
As SPORTS ILLUSTRATED launches a yearlong 40th-anniversary celebration with this issue, we would like to point out that contrary to popular belief, 40 is not necessarily over-the-hill in sports....

January 10, 1994 | Rick Telander
A third-string running back and a third choice at quarterback led the Lions to a victory over the Packers for the NFC Central crown

January 10, 1994 | Ned Zeman
That was just one stop on a dubiously conceived trip that saw Oak Hill play 10 games in 16 days

January 10, 1994 | Jeffrey Lilley

January 10, 1994
Lea RentmeesterDENMARK, WIS.

January 10, 1994 | Peter King
Only Human

January 10, 1994 | Peter King
Thanks to Rupert Murdoch, teams will have more money to spend on player salaries in 1994, which means that the top fire agents will attract livelier bidding during the off-season than anyone had...

January 10, 1994 | Steve Hymon
A Raider Revival

January 10, 1994 | Steve Hymon
A little more than three years ago Joe Phillips had everything going for him. The 6'5", 326-pounder, then in his fifth year in the NFL, was starting at defensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers....

January 10, 1994
I'll be taking heat for picking the Giants' Mark Collins over Atlanta's Deion Sanders at cornerback and Washington's Tim Johnson over Minnesota's John Randle at defensive tackle, so I'll address...

January 10, 1994 | Frank Deford

January 10, 1994
"Our Lenny certainly wowed those Europeans! I wonder if someone followed him around with a golden spittoon."

January 10, 1994 | Rick Reilly
The New Year dawned and look what happened. Who'd have believed it?