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January 09, 1995 | Volume 82, Issue 1

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Tom Osborne Cover - Sports Illustrated January 09, 1995

January 09, 1995
Tiffany RobertsCONCORD, CALIF.

January 09, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff and Richard O'Brien
No Icemen Cometh. Who Careth?

January 09, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff and Richard O'Brien
NASCAR plans to develop theme restaurants and new licensed products because, says an official of the stock car racing organization, "we're a sport, obviously, but we're also a lifestyle."

January 09, 1995 | Edited by Alexander Wolff and Richard O'Brien
Jim MooreGirls' basketball coach at the Catlin Gabel School in Portland, on his team's 115-4 victory over Columbia Christian: "It was a really big win for us. It was a morale booster."

January 09, 1995 | S.L. Price

January 09, 1995 | Tim Layden
One end zone was painted in the electric yellow and green of Oregon, the other in Penn State's deep blue. A giant rose straddled the 50-yard line on the floor of the Rose Bowl, opening its red...

January 09, 1995 | Phil Taylor
Surprising Cleveland is winning cavalierly: by lulling opponents to sleep

January 09, 1995 | Richard Hoffer
A treacherous surfing site claimed the life of big-wave legend Mark Foo

January 09, 1995 | Michael Silver
In a rare clash between two NFL legends, Dan Marino's Dolphins beat Joe Montana's Chiefs

January 09, 1995 | Peter King
The NFC held its Central Division Holiday Classic last weekend. It was a chummy tournament played in the upper Midwest that excited no one but did decide which warmup games the San Francisco 49ers...

January 09, 1995 | Donald M. Elliman Jr.
There's A new name at the top of this issue's masthead: Norman Pearlstine has succeeded Jason McManus as editor-in-chief of Time Warner, with overall editorial responsibility for the largest...

January 09, 1995 | Paul Zimmerman
Late Sunday afternoon in the Cleveland Browns' locker room, quarterback Vinny Testaverde, who had just completed 20 of 30 passes for 268 yards, one touchdown and, best of all, no interceptions in...

January 09, 1995 | Tim Crothers
Bill Cowher's mug—like his Steelers—is beloved in Pittsburgh

January 09, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian

January 09, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian
"To expect major league fans to accept less than major league baseball is unrealistic and, I believe, will ultimately prove to be foolhardy. These are the best players in the world. There are no...

January 09, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian
Eyebrows were raised throughout baseball on Dec. 21 when the Seattle Mariners gave free-agent outfielder Jay Buhner a three-year, $15.5 million contract to re-sign with them. In eight years as a...

January 09, 1995 | Leigh Montville

January 09, 1995 | Tim Kurkjian
A New Ball Game?

January 09, 1995 | Jack McCallum
A No-Win Situation

January 09, 1995 | Gerry Callahan
According to our seer the New Year promises more of the tawdriness that tainted sports in '94

January 09, 1995
Thurman Thomas has himself to blame for not being accorded the respect he thinks he deserves.Louis F. RICH, MEADVILLE. PA.