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February 02, 1998 | Volume 88, Issue 4

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John Elway Cover - Sports Illustrated February 02, 1998

February 02, 1998
The wrestling rules that should prevent such tragedies are ignored, while larger revenue sports get the attention they need to keep them clean.TODD M. BARTER, WOOLWICH, MAINE

February 02, 1998 | Pierre McGuire
Many observers say the neutral zone trap ruins the game and denies star players the chance to show their skills. But there are ways to get around that stifling defensive system. To beat the trap a...

February 02, 1998 | William Nack

February 02, 1998 | Rick Reilly
John Elway discovered that being a winner in the Super Bowl is hard to handle too

February 02, 1998
Amanda BergeronPOLAND, MAINEAmanda, a freshman at Westbrook High, won the girls' national junior championship one-hour race walk by covering 8,865 meters in the allotted time. Second-place...

February 02, 1998

February 02, 1998
10 Percentage of NBA All-Star starters who can't legally order alcohol, now that the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, 19, has become the youngest starter ever.

February 02, 1998
When Canadian Football League star DOUG FLUTIE last week signed an incentive-laden contract with the Buffalo Bills that could be worth $5 million, he proclaimed, "It is not about money." That may...

February 02, 1998
The U.S. Postal Service has unveiled the first sports stamps (covering the years 1900 to 1920) in its Celebrate the Century series. Honorees from later decades will be chosen by a public vote.

February 02, 1998
Among the gewgaws vying for "sports product of the year" next week at The Super Show in Atlanta is CounterSTRIKE, a set of handheld weights for jogging and power-walking that are equipped with...

February 02, 1998
Jayson Williams New Jersey Nets center, on the distance his friends were from celebrity row at courtside in Madison Square Garden for a recent Nets—New York Knicks game, despite his having bought...

February 02, 1998 | Michael Silver

February 02, 1998 | Austin Murphy
Terrell Davis decoyed and destroyed the Packers defense, giving Green Bay a migraine of its own

February 02, 1998 | Peter King
In a game that demanded perfection, Brett Favre was good, but not good enough

February 02, 1998 | Paul Zimmerman
The Broncos were determined not to let LeRoy Butler stop them—and they succeeded

February 02, 1998 | Leigh Montville
Serena and Venus Williams cut up some top foes—and did some cutting up themselves—in Australia

February 02, 1998 | Jeff Pearlman
Jan. 30, 1984

February 02, 1998 | Tim Layden
Hermann Maier of Austria, a mason turned speed demon, is tearing up the circuit like no one in years

February 02, 1998
The legal drug of choice in the NHL is sudafed—not for cold relief, but for the on-ice boost it offers

February 02, 1998 | Gerry Callahan

February 02, 1998 | John Walters
Saturday 1/31

February 02, 1998 | John Walters
Spice Girls or ice girls? It's your choice. Either see Spiceworld'at the movies or watch 1994 Olympic figure skaters Nancy Kerrigan (Victim Ice) and Tonya Harding (Lead Pipe Ice) in a joint...

February 02, 1998 | Phil Taylor
Potent yet understated, the Grizzlies' Shareef Abdur-Rahim is the best NBA player you never see

February 02, 1998 | Jackie MacMullan
Hard Lessons

February 02, 1998 | Jackie MacMullan
Coach Phil Jackson sent Dennis Rodman home to Chicago last Friday after Rodman missed the Bulls' morning shootaround in New Jersey, saying Rodman was "in no condition to play" against the Nets...

February 02, 1998 | Jackie MacMullan
After the league's scoring average dipped to 96.9 points last season, the lowest since the advent of the shot clock in 1954-55, the rules committee made modifications in an attempt to give...

February 02, 1998 | Jackie MacMullan
Air Jordan meets Air Apparent—Lakers guard Kobe Bryant—in a matchup of title contenders. In their first encounter, a 104-83 Bulls rout over Shaq-less L.A. on Dec. 17 in Chicago, Michael Jordan...

February 02, 1998
For Nine years Pacers center Rik Smits has battled inflamed nerves on the bottoms of both feet. Smits says that the scar tissue from two operations compounds the pain and that he has considered...

February 02, 1998 | John Walters
It is no small task, when you are 7'3", to find a person to measure yourself against. Cavaliers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas (ZHEE-drew-nus ill-GAUS-kus) encountered that special someone in his NBA...

February 02, 1998 | Kelli Anderson

February 02, 1998 | Kelli Anderson
If this were college football, North Carolina might have moved up and taken the No. 1 seed in the East Regional after its 103-55 blowout of 20th-ranked Florida State last Saturday. But blessedly,...

February 02, 1998 | Seth Davis

February 02, 1998 | Franz Lidz

February 02, 1998 | Kostya Kennedy
Not Just a Roughneck