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July 13, 1998 | Volume 89, Issue 2

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated July 13, 1998

July 13, 1998 | Mark Beech
October 1, 1973

July 13, 1998
I'm a lot sicker of Jordan and the Bulls than Rick Reilly is. I'm megasick.—JANICE C. JEFFERY, Nordland, Wash.

July 13, 1998
Letters to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED should include the name, address and home telephone number of the writer. They may be mailed to The Editor, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Time & Life Building, New York,...

July 13, 1998 | Richard Hoffer
The NBA's labor squabbles could well squander fans' interest in the game

July 13, 1998 | Richard Hoffer
•That Basketball Hall of Fame voters right two wrongs by voting in John Thompson and Tex Winter next time around.

July 13, 1998
Sid Luckman, 1916-1998Thanks for Everything

July 13, 1998
123,383All-Star votes received by Red Sox second baseman Jeff Frye.

July 13, 1998
MARK McGWIREFrom last year's All-Star break to this year's, Mark McGwire ripped 64 home runs, a prelude to another home run title and, yes, The Record. Unlike Sammy Sosa, he's been through the...

July 13, 1998
Eight prisoners, including a murderer and a rapist, escaped from a jail in Rayong, Thailand, while guards, engrossed in the telecast of the Croatia-Germany World Cup match, ignored security monitors.

July 13, 1998
QUEEN ELIZABETH IIRuler of Britain, on a referee's nullification of a second-half goal by England in its penalty-kick loss to Argentina in the World Cup: "One is not amused."

July 13, 1998

July 13, 1998
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and CNN team up on the Internet to offer up-to-the-minute sports news and stats. This week we target the number 61: Track the march to the home run record in our exclusive...

July 13, 1998 | L. Jon Wertheim
Dreier's, the oldest sporting-goods store in America, is closing its doors

July 13, 1998 | L. Jon Wertheim
Fighting through hordes of autograph hounds hardly counts as quality time spent with your favorite major league player. And those television and newspaper reporters never seem to ask the questions...

July 13, 1998 | Jeff Pearlman
Former WBA lightweight champ Ray Mancini is taking a jab at acting

July 13, 1998 | Loren Mooney
Originally conceived to help the military and law-enforcement officers draw a bead on the bad guys, handheld range finders are now showing up in golf bags—though not at USGA events, where they're...

July 13, 1998 | L. Jon Wertheim
Spinning may be the latest craze, but one skeptical practitioner finds it flaky

July 13, 1998
Linda Jackson doesn't feel old, though in the world of pro cycling she is, at 39, ancient. When she won last month's six-day, 274-mile Hewlett-Packard International Women's Challenge in Boise,...

July 13, 1998
Ross Coleman, Molalla, Ore.RodeoColeman, a freshman at UNLV, won the all-around cowboy title at the national collegiate rodeo by finishing second in bareback bronc and bull riding. Last year's...

July 13, 1998 | John Walters
Saturday 7/11

July 13, 1998 | John Walters
World Cup rocks. We love golden goals, stoppage time and stretchers. Most of all we love Budweiser, Canon, Nike, etc. for sponsoring blocks of time so that the games are aired commercial-free....

July 13, 1998 | S.L. Price
A fifth Wimbledon championship was sweet for Pete, but the force of the fortnight was Jana Novatna

July 13, 1998
Let'er RipMark McGwire's home runs are impressive enough individually, but when all 37 hit before the All-Star break—tying Reggie Jackson's major league record—are gathered in one place, it's an...

July 13, 1998 | Jaime Diaz
Unflappable rookie Se Ri Pak and easygoing amateur Jenny Chuasiriporn, both 20, played 20 extra holes before Pak became the youngest U.S. Women's Open champion

July 13, 1998 | Michael Bamberger
Cleveland slugger Jim Thome is an All-Star starter and maybe—just maybe—the best player in his baseball-rich family

July 13, 1998 | Leigh Montville
Fast and formidable, 275-pound linebacker Levon Kirkland was one free agent the Steelers couldn't afford to let go

July 13, 1998 | Steve Rushin
Over seven days and 2,000 miles, encountering besotted English fans and bedazzling Brazilian players, our correspondent unraveled the mysteries of the World Cup—and even learned how to nightclub...

July 13, 1998

July 13, 1998 | Ed Hinton
Empty FeelingPostponement of the Pepsi 400 put NASCAR's prime-time bid on hold

July 13, 1998 | Ed Hinton
50The number of top-five finishes by Ford Tauruses this Winston Cup season, out of a possible 80 at week's end. Chevrolets have placed in the top five 23 times, and Pontiacs seven.

July 13, 1998 | Grant Wahl
Orange BlossomThe Dutch have found a new way to succeed: by enjoying the game

July 13, 1998 | Tim Crothers
The Anti-All-StarsHere's our lineup of the most underachieving players of the first half

July 13, 1998 | Tim Crothers
Twins righthander Bob Tewksbury may have figured out a way to take the sting out of Mark McGwire's bat. Against the Cardinals on June 28, Tewksbury threw three blooper pitches to McGwire clocked...

July 13, 1998 | Keith Olbermann
Contrary to his critics' claims, Maris was a deserving home run king

July 13, 1998 | Mark Bechtel
Hard-luck Steve Sparks has taken a wobbly path to the Angels' rotation

July 13, 1998 | Frank Deford
For 35 years, photographer Howard Bingham has traveled the globe, meeting princes and presidents, all thanks to his selfless devotion to a buddy who happens to be the most famous man in the world

July 13, 1998 | Rick Reilly
There are three great shames in America today: 1) 98.3% of us are hideously obese; 2) Zima; 3) we suck at soccer.

July 13, 1998 | Franz Lidz
The B list teed it up to play tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes at the inaugural Frank Sinatra Celebrity Classic

July 13, 1998 | L. Jon Wertheim
At Hartford, as in this year's majors, a veteran pro carried the day

July 13, 1998 | Al Barkow
Once Gil Morgan compensated for his faulty vision, he saw his career take off

July 13, 1998 | Edited by Kevin Cook
Empire BuildersGolf's greats have designs on another sort of immortality

July 13, 1998 | Susan Anton
Golf? No thanks. Growing up in California in the '60s, I was much more into boys. Besides, golf clothes were not cute.

July 13, 1998
Blackwolf Trudge: Players, fans and officials were aghast at slow play during last week's Women's Open at Blackwolf Run in Kohler, Wis. The USGA had hoped that rounds would last 4½ hours, but the...

July 13, 1998
What do these players have in common?

July 13, 1998 | Rick Lipsey
Bailout artists like Bob Estes rarely crack

July 13, 1998 | Rick Lipsey
845Eighteen-hole golf courses under construction in the U.S.—an alltime record, according to the National Golf Foundation.

July 13, 1998 | Cameron Morfit

July 13, 1998 | Gary Van Sickle
The other majors can't hold a candle to the only true world championship

July 13, 1998 | Alan Shipnuck
Lee Westwood and Andrew and Laurae Coltart make quite a threesome