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August 23, 1999 | Volume 91, Issue 7

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Tiger Woods Cover - Sports Illustrated August 23, 1999

August 23, 1999 | Josh Elliott
May 11, 1970

August 23, 1999
Lighten up. Koufax was a wonderful pitcher but a dull guy. I prefer the lively Satchel Paige or Mark Fidrych.—Jack Selzer, University Park, Pa.

August 23, 1999
Letters to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED should include the name, address and home telephone number of the writer. They may be mailed to The Editor, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Time & Life Building, New York,...

August 23, 1999 | John Walters
DON'T MISSMonday 8/23Reds at Braves•TBS MONDAY AND TUESDAY 7:35 PMReds that we love: Cross, even though it refuses to appropriate funds for my bathroom, a disaster area; Buttons, who killed on his...

August 23, 1999 | John Walters
10.1 Rating for the Aug. 9 Hall of Fame Game (Browns versus Cowboys) on ABC. It was the game's best rating ever and beat 1998 (Buccaneers versus Steelers) by 130%.

August 23, 1999 | John Walters
On ABC's Sports Night last season, anchor Dan Rydell facetiously remarked that one of his network's fitness-show starlets had a thing for him. In real life, ESPN GameDay host Chris Fowler recently...

August 23, 1999 | Leigh Montville
Even with enhanced sideline access, Monday Night Football's Lesley Visser will pick her spots

August 23, 1999 | S.L. Price
Steffi Graf retired the way she played—on her own terms

August 23, 1999 | S.L. Price
•That the Expos win 40 in a row to sneak into a wild-card berth.

August 23, 1999

August 23, 1999
7Names removed this year from the waiting list of nearly 50,000 for Packers season tickets.

August 23, 1999
Hackers replaced the Tennessee Titans' home page with the message GEZONDHEID IS A NEW DUTCH GROUP.

August 23, 1999
JEFF CONINEOrioles outfielder, after the Devil Rays' Wade Boggs gave up three hits in a mop-up pitching stint: "He should have to go back to 2,998."

August 23, 1999 | Ian Thomsen
Tradition's for sale to the highest bidder as more and more arenas put their names on the block

August 23, 1999
Kick off the start of the NFL season early: Send your questions to Peter King's mailbag and register your team to join our free fantasy football general manager league.

August 23, 1999
Brad Schumacher, Bowie, Md.Water PoloSchumacher, 25, scored 10 goals in leading the U.S. to the gold medal at the Pan Am Games and a spot in the 2000 Olympics. A swimming gold medalist in the 4 x...

August 23, 1999 | Tyler Maroney
For 48 games after he got his 2,950th hit on April 20, Tony Gwynn would don a crisp new San Diego Padres jersey and a stiff new cap, put on a fresh pair of batting gloves and spikes and use a new...

August 23, 1999 | Alan Shipnuck
In a thrilling duel at the PGA, Tiger Woods had to fight off a younger, equally crowd-pleasing rival to win his second major title

August 23, 1999 | Tom Verducci
After a slugfest in St. Louis, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were back on track to make home run history—again

August 23, 1999

August 23, 1999 | Peter King
Wake-up CallPatriots looking for rookie Andy Katzenmoyer to stop sleepwalking

August 23, 1999 | Jeff Pearlman
Park PainsLike all stadiums, Seattle's new Safeco Field has its bright spots—and that's the problem

August 23, 1999 | Jeff Pearlman
Aug. 15, 1999 Angels 10, Tigers 2Sure, the Tigers, who through Sunday had struck out 776 times (second in the American League to the Blue Jays), are wild swingers, but that didn't diminish the...

August 23, 1999 | Jeff Pearlman
Wade Boggs chose on Aug. 8 to make a serious pitch to remain with the Devil Rays: He spoke out in the press, declaring that "3,000 hits is not a termination point....

August 23, 1999 | Stephen Cannella
Minor league mouth-off Kevin Millar has backed up his boasts as a Marlin

August 23, 1999 | Phil Taylor
CoronationKings crown the year with a strong off-season

August 23, 1999 | Phil Taylor
The rockets don't appear likely to grant Scottie Pippen's request to be traded to the Lakers. They've turned down L.A.'s offer of forwards Glen Rice and Robert Horry, partly because they are wary...

August 23, 1999
Brooklyn's BridgeDodgers shortstop Pee Wee Reese—here turning a double play in 1955 as Brooklyn finally beat the Yankees in a World Series after five vain tries—was the clubhouse leader of the...

August 23, 1999 | Gerry Callahan
A new tutor has revitalized Kordell Stewart after a season that left Steelers fans booing and Stewart crying on the sideline

August 23, 1999 | Jeff MacGgregor
Just one thing stands between and his dream of competing for an Olympic medal: He's not a woman

August 23, 1999 | Steve Rushin
After a rebellious youth that put him at odds with his country, Giants manager Dusty Baker is cruising through middle age

August 23, 1999 | Rick Reilly
The toughest coach who ever lived is not Rockne or Lombardi or Parcells.

August 23, 1999 | Michael Bamberger
In the first major since his unsightly collapse at the British Open, showed that he takes golf's ups and downs in stride

August 23, 1999 | Franz Lidz
Lampooning pomposity and convention with his unrestrained wit, , a touring pro turned television analyst, ranks as golf's ultimate wise guy

August 23, 1999
El Niño Brightens Forecast

August 23, 1999 | Scott Gummer
No one rolls out the red carpet better than the keeper of the locker room at Castle Pines

August 23, 1999 | Gene Menez
U.S. Women's AmateurYouth Movement

August 23, 1999 | Gene Menez
What do these players have in common?

August 23, 1999 | Gene Menez
Did the made-for-TV match with Tiger Woods and David Duval exceed, meet or fail to meet your expectations?

August 23, 1999
Ken Schall, Waterloo, IowaSchall, 40, the head pro at Sunnyside Country Club in Waterloo, is the reigning Iowa PGA Section Player of the Year, an award he has won seven times. Schall, the winner...

August 23, 1999 | Maury Povich
Before writing his way into the Baseball Hall of Fame, my dad got his break carrying clubs

August 23, 1999 | C.M.
The Ryder Cup rift can be traced to the limp PGA Tour event trying to ride its coattails

August 23, 1999 | John Garrity
Ben Crenshaw's public scolding of his Ryder Cup 'Pay Me' brigade was a big blunder

August 23, 1999 | Jaime Diaz
The is loaded, but a squabble over player compensation has raised new concerns about its will to win

August 23, 1999 | Gary Van Sickle
The club pros who crashed the PGA party had a blast while taking their predestined lumps