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November 05, 2001 | Volume 95, Issue 18

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Randy Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated November 05, 2001

November 05, 2001
Bred WinnersThis is how they finished in six of the Breeders' Cup races. The winners (from top): Val Royal, Jose Valdivia Jr. up, in the Mile; Squirtle Squirt, Jerry Bailey up, in the Sprint;...

November 05, 2001 | Hali Helfgott
JANUARY 30, 1956

November 05, 2001
Not Short SheetedWith all that is wrong in this world, and especially with more than a few of the athletes in it, I cannot resist commenting on your Ben Sheets article (Learning Curve, Oct. I). In...

November 05, 2001

November 05, 2001 | Steve Rushin
People in sports don't seem to know the meaning of literal from a hole in the ground

November 05, 2001 | Richard Deitsch

November 05, 2001 | John O'Keefe
Tracking as many as 120 games at once, the Oregon Live website is high school football central

November 05, 2001 | Richard Deitsch
In the burgeoning partnership between sports and comedy on television, there is the good (Fox's Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Mohr), the not-so-good (ABC's Dennis Miller) and the ugly (Fox's Tom Arnold)....

November 05, 2001 | John O'Keefe
Hey, Fox, this isn't the World Cup, it's the World Series, so why the tasteless "virtual" ads and promos behind the plate when there's copious commercial time between innings? It's virtually...

November 05, 2001 | Stephen Cannella
What to make of the rumors that some big league teams will soon disappear?

November 05, 2001

November 05, 2001
Clothes may or may not make the man, but in sports, uniforms definitely make the team. Three NBA squads (Dallas, Detroit and Seattle) are unveiling new outfits this week, and if recent history is...

November 05, 2001
$14Price of a Kris Draper bobble-head doll in Detroit, $13 more than the Red Wings paid the Winnipeg Jets for center Draper in 1993.

November 05, 2001
Where you've seen himSoaring in for pregame ceremonies at numerous sporting events, most notably postseason games at Yankee Stadium. The bald eagle was scheduled for a fly-in at each of this...

November 05, 2001 | John Sellers
In 1983, after watching Carl Lewis blow out the field in the 100 meters at the world championships, I cut my white man's Afro into the sprinter's signature flattop. The hairstyle didn't help me...

November 05, 2001
Crashed•Michael D. Copeland, of Hampton, Ga., through the front gate of boxer Evander Holyfield's Fairburn, Ga., estate in his Chrysler LHS. Copeland, a postal worker, told police that he was...

November 05, 2001
Warriors guard Gilbert Arenas may be a rookie in the NBA, but when it comes to high-priced goodies, he clearly knows his way around. Two weeks after declaring himself eligible for the draft last...

November 05, 2001
Even by Las Vegas's standards, it was an event-filled week. On Oct. 22, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf were married at their Vegas house in a private ceremony. Make that a very private ceremony....

November 05, 2001
The Arizona Republic published several baseball primers in which readers learned what a batting average is, when a reliever should be brought in and that the home team shouldn't be booed.

November 05, 2001
SHANNON SHARPERavens tight end, on why he avoids blocking: "You don't make any money if you block. They call you a servant if you block. You make minimum plus tips."

November 05, 2001
Bill Verigan, WYCKOFF, N.J.FencingBill, 17, won the junior and cadet épée championships at the Junior Pan Am Games by beating Athos Schwantes, 17, of Brazil in both title matches. Bill, who went...

November 05, 2001
Opening Tap

November 05, 2001 | L. Jon Wertheim
SFX Sports was supposed to be the ultimate in players' reps, but it's struggling

November 05, 2001 | Ron Fimrite
A legally blind runner and a football writer both look for a clear vision

November 05, 2001 | Ivan Maisel
Three former NFL coaches do the unusual: leave the pros for college

November 05, 2001 | Mark Beech
Neat looking but not much more: the latest stuff for hockey and bowling

November 05, 2001 | Albert Chen
Seven-footer Sharavjamts Tserenjanhor has become the first Asian Globetrotter

November 05, 2001 | Austin Murphy
Using a trick play called 41 Flash Pass, Nebraska ended Oklahoma's winning streak at 20 and gave coach Frank Solich his biggest victory

November 05, 2001 | Tom Verducci
Led by fireballers Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson, the long-in-the-tooth Diamondbacks kicked up their heels and jumped on the Yankees for a 2-0 World Series lead

November 05, 2001 | Michael Silver
For better or worse, the fate of the Bucs seems to rest on the words and deeds of All-Pro defensive tackle Warren Sapp

November 05, 2001 | Michael Farber
There's a new reality show on the air, starring the formerly hapless New York Islanders as bona fide NHL contenders

November 05, 2001
Horse Racing

November 05, 2001 | Tim Layden
Tiznow, and AgainA career-threatening injury couldn't stop a repeat winner in the Breeders' Cup Classic

November 05, 2001 | Peter King
Insult to InjuryThe Saints dumped the mighty Rams, then labeled their bitter rivals a finesse team

November 05, 2001 | Peter King
WORD ASSOCIATIONWith Zach Thomas, the Dolphins' undersized Pro Bowl linebacker

November 05, 2001 | Peter King
Cleveland's Butch Davis continues to break the mold. Last week, with the Browns in their bye week, he dispatched his coaching staff to college campuses for two days of scouting—an unheard-of...

November 05, 2001
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November 05, 2001 | Paul Zimmerman
After two years of wandering through the forests of offensive game-planning, have the Buccaneers finally found their identity in the thundering hoofbeats of a guy who used to be known as the...

November 05, 2001 | Ivan Maisel
Fit to Be TiedBy creating a three-way logjam in the ACC, Florida State got a chad up on a BCS bid

November 05, 2001 | Ivan Maisel
YA GOTTA LOVE THIS GUYFour days before Hawaii's home game last Friday against Fresno State, Warriors senior free safety Nate Jackson crashed on his motorcycle while trying to avoid a car that he...

November 05, 2001
SI polled the 117 major college teams on whether their offensive plays are called from the coaches' booth or from the sideline. The result was surprisingly close: 65 prefer the booth, 51 the...

November 05, 2001 | Kelley King
Doug Williams has Grambling rolling over opponents again

November 05, 2001 | Gary Smith
If you've never heard of <b>Zab Judah</b>, who will fight to unify the junior welterweight title this weekend, then you don't know boxing's strangest family saga.

November 05, 2001 | Rick Reilly
Here's a tip for young journalists: When you're covering a story as important as the World Series, be sure to bring 1) an acute sense of drama, 2) an encyclopedic knowledge of the game and 3) a...